Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cloud computing seminars aimed at growing small businesses

This January, the city of Miami hosted an event called ITEXPO at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The three-day expo focused on cloud computing, and was meant to help grow small- and medium-sized businesses, according to the South Florida Business Review. Local participating companies include Miami's Children's Hospital, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Barry University and the Miami Dolphins.

Cloud computing allows businesses to access data remotely. Internet applications help business professionals stay competitive in the growing technological marketplace. This, in turn, helps companies reduce their overhead, as they may no longer need in-house IT departments. Instead, businesses can work with third party support companies when needed and use cloud computing for their daily activities. 

With the reduction of overhead, small- and medium-sized businesses can invest back in their employees. Depending on the type of business, the employers can do many things to help the company grow. For example, a graphic design firm can revamp the office space to make it more collaboration-friendly. This can be accomplished with the addition of benching office workstations and an ergonomic chair at each desk. Additionally, conference rooms can be redesigned to support brainstorming and creativity by painting the walls or bringing in framed art.

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Setting up your own physical therapy clinic in South Florida

Starting your own physical therapy clinic in South Florida may be challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort. All you need is a solid plan backed by thorough research and the willpower to make it a reality.


Extensively studying the potential success of your clinic will help you decide if it is worth the work. Try to learn everything you can about your customers. Take a few minutes to ask yourself a few questions: How many people live in the area in which you want to set up your clinic? How many doctors in your area refer patients for physical therapy? Who will seek out your services and is that enough to make your business profitable?

Also consider the costs of starting a clinic. Real estate and payroll will be the two biggest business expenses. Determine an accurate estimation of the cost of your facility, all the necessary equipment, workers' salaries and marketing.

Define your market

A common mistake young entrepreneurs make is failing to specialize and focus on a subgroup within their industry. When you start your physical therapy clinic, look at the market's needs. What niche can you fill with your particular type of physical therapy?

Develop a business plan

Once you have completed the necessary research and found your target market, you can start developing a sound business plan. Basic plans include a definition of your goals, clearly explained strategies to help you reach those goals, and how and when any investors can expect to see returns.

Hire experts

An advanced degree in physical therapy does not necessarily translate into excellent business sense. You will most likely need the help of multiple professionals to get your business up and running. Veteran business owners can direct you to recommended bankers, lawyers and public accountants. Marketing professionals know how to develop your clinic's public image and create an online and traditional media presence for your practice. Try to also find billing and technology professionals that have recommendations.


Once you've opened your doors, you can focus on creating a space that exudes healing and professionalism. Consider filling your office with ergonomic chairs where your employees can work in comfort. Strategically place office workstations that promote collaboration and productivity. If you have a large room available, set a conference table in it where you can hold team meetings and speak with business associates. 

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Miami's Lehman Subaru plans new showroom

There is good new for Subaru fans in Miami. The Lehman dealership has recently announced plans for the construction of a new showroom facility. After reporting strong sales and record growth in 2013, the franchise had decided to expand.

"This is long overdue but we are very excited about this new showroom and the opportunity for continued investment in our local community," David Smith, general manager of Lehman Subaru, said in a statement.

The addition of a new showroom space means the company will have to purchase new office furniture. Many dealerships opt for standalone stations to provide an open workspace for sales professionals and customers. Used office furniture would be appropriate in this case, because these quality desks are typically on par with many new types of equipment if sourced from a reputable dealer.

It's also important to outfit each office workstation with an ergonomic chair. This allows each employee to sit at their desk for extended periods of time without developing neck or back strains. Additionally, these seats have been known to help limit carpal tunnel issues when the user adjusts the chair to their appropriate height and angle of posture.

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How to set up a beauty salon in Miami

Owning and operating a beauty salon in Miami is a fun and rewarding. Many residents love to get their hair styled and be pampered with manicures and pedicures. If you provide excellent service, are customer-friendly and professional, your beauty salon can succeed. These are the steps you will need to take to set up a your beauty business in Miami.

Find capital

Visit a local banking institution or credit union and see what type of financing is available. A representative will usually have all the information necessary for you to determine if you are eligible for a business loan. Before you speak with a representative, figure out the amount of money you will need to initially run your salon. Consider monthly expenses like rent, licensing, payroll and supplies. Determine how much services like hair cuts, coloring and manicures will cost. Try to be as accurate as possible so your loan covers most of the operational costs.

Get a business license

You will need to do research and complete all the necessary paperwork to set up a salon. Begin with state and local departments like the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. A state application has to be submitted for a change of location, name and ownership. These changes will void any previous licenses connected to the salon. You will need to ensure that your business complies with all sanitary and safety requirements. Expect a state representative to come in and inspect the condition of the building, supplies and other features of your business. Make sure you are able to pay all application fees associated with the licensure process.

Choose a location

A real estate agent that comes with recommendations can be a great asset while you try to find the perfect location for your salon. Determine if it is within your budget to own the space outright or if it makes better business sense to lease.


After you've set up the location, acquired all the necessary paperwork and passed all the safety and sanitary assessments, you can start filling your salon with appropriate furniture. Nail technicians can use standard office workstations to set up their polishes, cleaning agents and tools, and ergonomic chairs will keep them comfortable while working with clients. Once you build a team of hair stylists, cosmetologists and other professionals, consider acquiring a conference table where you can discuss business strategies and policies. 

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Creating welcoming, healing spaces in South Florida hospitals

Many people that live in the South Florida region will say that they have some of the best health care services available anywhere in the world. The University of Miami Hospital, Baptist Hospital in Miami and Mount Sinai Medical Center are just a few of the nationally ranked facilities in South Florida that feature some of the best health care services in America. Here are some ways that these hospitals are creating welcoming environments that help the healing process.

Mobile app-controlled patient rooms

In the past, people would arrive at hospitals and staff would then administer care. Today, hospitals strive to make patients more comfortable and even accountable for their own care. MyKaiser is a mobile application from Gresham, Smith and Partners. It acts as a room control interface and communication tool that patients can use throughout their stay at a hospital. The app allows patients to adjust room temperature, switch television channels and even change the artwork on an interactive LED display.

Digital imaging wall coverings

There are some hospital rooms that have no windows. Images of natural settings or fractal patterns can help lower patients' blood pressure and level of anxiety. Some companies have created ways to combine architecture and healing. Maharam Digital Products produces large-scale prints and wall installations for multiple hospitals. These coverings feature latex-reinforced polymers that create vibrant abstract patterns or natural scenes from world-renowned artists, illustrators and photographers.

Magnetic markerglass

State-of-the-art health care designs foster patient involvement in their own healing process. There are some hospitals that create a space where doctors, staff, patients and visitors can congregate. Sofas, chairs and tables are strategically placed throughout public spaces. To add to the feeling of community, Skyline Designs developed Vitracolor Magnetic Markerglass walls. These surfaces allow clients and staff to write thoughtful messages and well-wishes with marking pens. Parts of the glass are magnetized so paper items can be hung as well.

Office furniture

With the highly advanced technology within these hospitals, it's easy to forget about filling your hospital offices with essential, sturdy and reliable office furniture. Staff and administrators can use custom office workstations that facilitate collaboration, encourage teamwork and increase the level of productivity. These workstations can also have ergonomic chairs that provide comfort during working hours or break time. Department executives should install conference tables that can be used to conduct business meetings or discuss operational strategies with a team.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Team building advice from a professional

In the modern workplace, it is not enough to have skilled employees - How the employees interact with each other to support the company as a whole is just as important. Founder and chief executive officer of Optime Consulting Maria Merce Martin wrote an article in the South Florida Business Journal revealing how she engages her team.

"Our team is where computer science expertise, sales, marketing, creativity, and passion join in web development, graphic design and automated marketing solutions that show measurable return on investment," Martin wrote in the South Florida Business Review. "Employee engagement hugely impacts this success, but it wasn't created overnight."

She offers up a few strategies to help with team building:

Company mantra

On face value, a company mantra may seem old-fashioned and forced. You put some thought into your messaging, however, you can find a phrase that will really support the team. Martin reveals her company's mantra as "We Love Details." This helps employees remember to focus on the small parts of the business as well as the large.

Training tools

It's also important to invest in people by offering them training tools. Whether it is something that will help them get better at a specific skill or to line their resume, you should offer periodic workshops or seminars. It helps improve employee morale if they feel like they are an asset to the team because they learned a new skill. The example Martin gives is a creative one. Since her company recently launched a Brazil branch, she offered in-house Portuguese lessons so employees can learn the new language together. This, in turn, helped her team connect with each other because of the shared experience.

Creative environment

To support teamwork and creativity you should have an organized and open office space. This starts with benching office workstations that let employees interact with each other. Additionally, there should be supportive seating options like ergonomic chairs at each desk. These seats are not only comfortable, they adjust to the height and posture of each user to help limit neck and back strains.

Technological resources

Be sure your workspace is equipped with the latest technology. This not only supports the workers, it lets them excel to the best of their abilities. For example, if you provide your team of mobile workers with tablet devices they will be able to interact with each other while completing their work on the go.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Create a welcoming environment at your travel agency

Travel agencies may soon be in short supply, as more and more people are choosing to book their plane and lodging accommodations through online platforms. In order for you to remain profitable, you should revamp your agency to provide a welcoming environment for customers. Here are some tips to do just that:


You should do your best to incorporate your brand into the design of the office without overdoing it. Commercial companies often lack the personal vibe that many small companies have, so paint the walls a color that corresponds with your logo. Instead of printing your logo on a poster from a copy store, create a mural on a wall with your company motif incorporated throughout.

Office furniture

You'll also need a lounge space for guests to relax in while you are preparing their travel documents. Be sure you have comfortable sofas and task chairs. Additionally, offer each person coffee, tea or water once they arrive.

Benching workstations - If you have a large office, you'll need benching workstations, which fit many employees in a small space. You should also outfit each desk with an ergonomic chair so each worker is comfortable.

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