Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Facility Evolution

Throughout last century, the office environment has changed and evolved significantly. Once the telephone hit just about every desk, we began looking for ways to minimize sound traveling through our office spaces. Many debate who created the office partition or cubicle wall but what remains undeniable is the fact that it changed the way we used office space and our ability to communicate both with the use of simple   telecommunication devices and with each other. The managing of these facilities became both more
intricate and costly. On the one hand, the open plan was easy to change but the changing and evolving job functions of the twentieth century required both more space as well as tools essential to those functions. Most importantly over the last twenty years, a widespread implementation of technology throughout the work space, demanded a new level of office furniture products. Power and data managing systems became an integral part of these products in every application of the office environment, from private offices, to tables and cubicles. Today, as the cost of commercial real estate rises, our technology is shrinking and becoming easier to mange which is leading to more and more flexible spaces that continue to evolve into the twenty first century. 

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