Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gone in 17 Seconds

Yup, you've seen it everywhere, tv, movies internet, print media and newsrooms. And let's not forget it is part of the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. The Aeron chair was intruduced by Herman Miller and designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf in 1994 and since it has maintained its position as the most popular workchair ever produced. Bill Stumpf came up with the name Aeron which was derived from the word aeration which describes one of the comfort aspects of the chair's mesh upholstery. Today the Aeron rolls off the production line at a rate of one chair every 17 seconds and it is  94% recyclable. Since the first chair rolled of the line in Michigan, Herman Miller has continuously improved not only the quality of this chair but the materials it uses to produce an environmentally responsible product.
Its unique form expresses its purpose and use and the material composition of its parts and the way they connect. The slightly transparent and reflective nature of its surfaces gives it an airy quality. It becomes a part of the person who uses it and the environment that surrounds it.


  • Aeron Chair named one of "Designs Greatest Hits" in Your Company magazine.
  • "Designs of the Decade" Gold Winner in "Office Furniture" from the Industrial Designers Society of America & BusinessWeek for Aeron chair.
  • International Plastics Consumer Product Design Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers for Aeron chair.
  • The Aeron work stool won the 2006 Attendees' Choice Award from the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition.

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