Friday, July 13, 2012

The Incredible Shrinking Office Space

In this day and age, we can say with certainty that our work spaces have shrunk dramatically. Most business have had no choice but to reduce their operating budgets which has greatly impacted the amount of space allocated to specific job functions.

Those who ten years ago might have found themselves enjoying a private office are probably today seated in an open plan environment. In most cases this does not affect productivity.
However, for those whose every day tasks requires significant storage or filing space or a specialized environment, the advice of a highly knowledgeable office furniture professional can make a significant difference in the planning of your space.

The use of vertical space and worktools are critical elements that can make 36 square feet a lot more usable. In addition, lighting options and ergonomic accessories can allow you to keep work surfaces clear of clutter and create the perception of gaining space rather than the opposite.

OFW's ability to provide great advice in conjunction with great products shipped when you need them make our capabilities unique and unsurpassed throughout our area of operation.

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