Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miami Call Centers, in Style!

The Miami work environment often reflects its style and climate in its interior design. Many organizations sometimes require a touch of high design and color that represents them well as their clients and prospects are walking through their spaces. The beauty and brightness of the Miami skyline as well as the warm climate can be simply brought indoors by choosing components and materials that can create fun, comfortable and productive work settings. Work intensive environments such as call centers are no exception.

This attractive space was created for The Wholesale Group in Miami, using Canvas Office Landscape in a white finish with textured wall surfaces and green apple accents. The seating was also selected using green apple accents on the new Herman Miller Sayl chair. The frosted privacy screens provide a finishing touch by increasing the privacy level between the individual spaces and the supervisor workstations.
No matter what the application, you can always welcome your clients into your space with a touch of Miami.

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