Wednesday, August 22, 2012

South Florida Style

When you need the high end designs that have stood the test of time, our Herman Miller products do the job. The fall right in place with the energetic style of Miami, Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.
Canvas landscapes are designed to mirror an organization's culture and raise the level of its performance. A simple set of elements creates surround, structure, surface, storage, and support for the complete range of work areas from individuals to teams. Canvas results from Herman Miller's holistic perspective on work environments and the collective experience of work.

Today's office landscape is about more choice, connection, sustainability, technology, the virtual world, globalization, networks, transparency. It's also about less real estate, emissions, formality, paper, physical presence, and being tethered—to a desk, a specific space, old ideas. This all adds up to a shift to a community-centric approach.

Too many choices can be overwhelming. By offering a wide but cohesive array of choices, Canvas helps you create complete, unified landscapes that are flexible, beautiful, and scalable. Canvas supports activities that range from individuals working alone to varying numbers of people working together.
The most successful organizations integrate workplace, work, and worker into a harmonious whole. The cohesive solution offered by Canvas can create anything from public spaces to private offices—and helps people work easily together. Canvas lets you mirror an organization's culture, values, and work needs.

Technology, which allows people and their work to move almost anywhere, and a generation of workers who move around naturally have challenged the static workplace. People today can and do work anywhere—together or alone. Using technology easily anywhere on a floorplate is equally important to individuals and teams.

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