Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is an Office Furniture Bargain?

Many small business owners take it upon themselves to undertake all efforts involved with creating a facility for their businesses. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach. From the acquisition of the space to purchasing the furniture, a business savvy entrepreneur can tackle the process with ease. The most common mistake when it comes to office furniture however, is focusing only on the product itself.

The idea of finding a bargain can often cloud the fact that an experienced, trusted and professional office furniture dealer can certainly determine the success of any given project. Most office furniture products need to be assembled by professional installers. Workstation and cubicles products require a licensed electrician to make all the connections to the building as well as a licensed low voltage contractor to complete the voice and data installation. The experienced dealer will often coordinate this with your contractors at no additional cost.

The bottom line price of the furniture itself is not where a bargain can be found. In truth, the value is often found in the execution of the furniture delivery and installation.
In recent years with the economy's downturn, many office furniture dealers rely on outside contractors whose only goal is to "get in and get out", without any regard for the project or the dealer's integrity.

In the end, before making the final decision on your purchase, simply ask: do you have your own installers or do you use a sub-contractor to do your delivery and installations? That question alone could be the difference between patting yourself in the back or kicking yourself in the....well you know.

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