Thursday, September 20, 2012

7.4 Billion Reasons

Preventive investment would be the best term we would use in order to justify the purchase of ergonomic chairs and accessories. US companies spend 7.4 billion dollars a year in back pain claims for their employees between the ages of 40 and 65 years old. Working in front of the computer more than a few hours a day can have a pretty significant impact on the human body. Let's put aside for a second the fact that a comfortable member of your staff is likely to be more productive than someone in pain. The cost of workman's compensation claims alone should be the motivator to invest in seating and tools that just make sense.The key factor in avoiding these injuries is to maintain proper posture when sitting in front of the computer.

The human spine has curvatures that help support the weight of the head. When one hunches over in front of the computer it can create stress on the vertebras that they are not designed to take. Changing posture often helps but also having tools like monitor arms that allow the monitor to be pulled closer can be extremely beneficial in maintaining the cervical and thoracic curve. Worksurfaces that adjust in height, particularly those designed for sit-to-stand adjustments can also have a good impact on posture.

Ergonomic seating is probably the most important solution to computer related back injuries. An adjustable lumbar support option can help maintain the lumbar and pelvic curve. An adjustable seat pan can relieve pressure behind the knees and avoid lower back pain.
The benefits go on and on and the ROI not only reveals itself in worker's compensation savings but in productivity as well.

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