Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes, you work at home, sometimes even more so than you do at the office and yes you are productive because you are a dedicated professional. Wether you run your own business or work for someone else, you grab that cup of coffee and begin pounding away at your keyboard. What you do everyday let's you do this. I works and the world knows it. Yet you are at home and the space is smaller. So the question forms itself, what of the comforts of the office can I have at home? Answer: All of them.

Well, maybe not your assistant or that handy copy room but for the most part, you can bring all of the comfort of your personal space to your home office. An ergonomic chair is a must, after all, you are seating in front of the computer most of the time and keeping your posture consistent with the way that the human body is designed is important.
And then, you begin to address the rest of the space. It's smaller than the space at work so if you do your research the first thing that comes up is trying to use all of your space, starting with the vertical space as well as keeping that smaller desk free of the work day debris.

At this point, you hung up a storage unit above your desk but you still have some room for getting things off your desk. Enter the desktop organizer and no, we are not talking about some widget you can add to your favorite OS. With the option of hanging these tools on the wall slightly above your desk or attaching them to your desk they can reclaim space on your desk that would normally be wasted. 

There are countless accesories that can be added to your home office and they are applicable to any setting and most existing furniture. You don't have to sit on the couch and  put your laptop on a pillow, the only thing you have to do is work.

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