Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Productive In MIami - Part I

The question of productivity is in the forefront of anyone running a business today, not only here in Miami but all over the world. When it comes to office environments we are often quick to design very traditional spaces without really taking into consideration modern trends and solutions to very old questions and business issues. 

Let's take the traditional sales function. The given is: they must touch down in an office, make calls, discuss action plans with management and spend the rest of the time pounding the streets. At the end of the day, your business depends on those sales people to produce. As you can see below, if you allow for those traditional sales function to create a cozy hole for themselves they will create a very counter productive space.

Instead we the management, the business owners need to emphasize the structure we want followed by creating the space that creates the workflow we want implemented. Along with paperless practices, minimal storage capabilities and quick touchdown spaces, we can bring forth much desired change without encountering much resistance. Psychologically speaking, let's take the playthings away, the clutter, the distractions and create interaction that gets us back to business.

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