Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 filing cabinet organization tips

While employees may be able to keep filing cabinets organized a few months after installation, paperwork, bills, printed project information and other documents can get mixed up, confused, mislabeled and misplaced very easily. When employees can't find the materials they need, they waste time looking for them, and the business flow is interrupted. Here are three tips for efficient filing cabinet organization.

Choose the right tools

When managers are placed in charge of purchasing business furniture, they may underestimate the amount of space they'll need for filing. Even in the digital age, companies produce a  significant amount of hard copy every week. To avoid overspending on filing cabinets, consider purchasing used business furniture.

It's also very important to consider item placement. Filing cabinets should be easily accessible without impeding walkways.

Stick to a unique, universal system

Some employees like color coding, others prefer shapes. Companies can organize alphabetically, by category and chronologically. Office managers should pick a system, put it in writing and enforce it.

Mandate document respect

It's a good idea to ensure employees are putting documents away carefully and promptly after using them to avoid losing information.

Periodically Purge and Archive

To ensure only relevant documents are taking up space, businesses should conduct annual spring cleanings.

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