Friday, December 21, 2012

3 tips for buying conference tables

Collaboration is central to a positive and efficient office environment. To make employee interactions meaningful, businesses must foster an atmosphere that boosts focus, creativity and teamwork. Here are three tips on selecting the perfect conference tables to ensure business furniture buyers are investing wisely.

1. Evaluate business needs

Office managers should ask themselves a few questions before shopping around for furniture. How does the company's workforce meet? What types of gatherings occur? How many people are usually involved? Will the client and/or potential new hires see the conference room? What role will technology play in meetings?

If buyers have a strong idea of how and why employees gather, they can better select a conference table suited to their organization's needs.

2. Consider the office landscapeIt's very important for gathering spaces to balance out other areas of the environment. Buyers may want to choose a conference table that matches office workstations. In addition, it's a good idea to think about placement. Meeting areas should be in a central location, but managers should keep in mind that employees at desks nearby may be distracted when people enter or exit a gathering.

3. Buy second hand business furniture

Because office furniture is an important investment, it's always a good idea to buy used items to limit costs without skimping on product quality.

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