Monday, December 31, 2012

4 spinal health tips

There's a reason the term "backbone" refers to something essential and extremely supportive for an entity. The human spine is responsible for a vast range of movement. While it may not be apparent, office workers rely on their spine consistently throughout the day, and it's great idea to promote healthy habits in the office to ensure workers stay comfortable and productive. Here are four tips for spine health from the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP).

1. Maintain good posture

The AASP highly recommends vigilantly monitoring posture when standing, sitting and lying down to reduce strain on spinal tissues and decrease the risk of back injury. Business furniture should provide workers enough back support and minimize their need to hunch and lean.

2. Take breaks

Moving around frequently helps workers stay healthy, because it benefits their metabolism and blood flow. AASP suggests stretching frequently to maintain flexibility.

3. Balance carrying

Workers who carry loads heavier than 10 pounds should know how to disperse the weight as evenly as possible from right to left. In addition, proper lifting techniques can protect workers from spinal injuries.

4. Invest in good chairs and think ergonomically

Because employees spend the majority of their days in chairs, its a good idea to invest in office workstations that are conducive to healthy behavior.

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