Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beat the hunch: Fixing posture for better health

When employees feel good, they can stay focused, multitask more efficiently and get more done, explains Herman Miller's ergonomic research and developer Cynthia Roe Purvis in the video "Thrive, Change Up Your Posture."

While employees may sit correctly when they first arrive and sit down at their desk every morning, they're likely to hunch, lean and slouch out of habit throughout the day to look at their computer screen or read a printed document.

Roe Purvis explains office workers tend to bring their head forward, which causes their shoulder to rise and their back to hunch, which is a recipe for back pain.

Maintaining poor posture for long periods of time can also cause short- and long-term back, neck, shoulder and arm injury, which jeopardizes workers' wellness and productivity. Ergonomic business furniture can help fight these negative tendencies.

Herman Miller explains a great way to keep workers from to avoid holding onto bad habits is to encourage frequent movement and readjustment. Workers should sit up straight, lean back and stand up throughout the day to encourage positive bodily functions.

When changing positions, it's important to shift the computer monitor as well to keep the top of it at eye level and roughly 20 inches away from the face.

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