Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bringing brand image into the office

Today, companies in every industry strive to make their products stand out. Many take marketing measures to create a lasting impression of their brand in the minds of consumers by advertising and holding promotional events online and in person. These methods are mostly external, and many companies forget a brand personality should be apparent inside of a company as well as on the outside.

In a recent study, "Three-Dimensional Branding: Using Space as a Medium for the Message," Herman Miller examines the importance of reflecting a brand's personality in its company office landscape.

The furniture creator explains brand images are a mix of perceptions, and the key to ingraining these perceptions into the minds of consumers is to display them at every point of contact with the customer. When clients enter an office space, they should see the company's personality reflected in the environment.

"The physical space used to conduct business - whether a store, satellite office, or world headquarters - is simply too visible and costly an asset to leave out of the brand-building equation," the study states.

Because space plays such an important role in marketing, company managers should consider investing in business furniture that reflects company goals and culture.

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