Monday, December 24, 2012

Choosing your office layout: Cubicles or open space?

When designing an office landscape, companies have to consider whether their workers would benefit more from cubicles or a open space. Because businesses vary immensely when it comes to company culture, work type and size, buyers should consider asking themselves several questions before deciding to include cubicles in their business furniture purchases.

Do workers communicate frequently throughout the day? Are projects and tasks team- or individual-based? What is the office environment like?

Both cubicle settings and open space have major benefits.

Personal workspace

In technology, finance and other industries, employees may work best when they're isolated from distractions like noises and seeing people walk around. Privacy can help them stay focused on their tasks and can boost multitasking abilities.

When workers need extended periods of time to work individually on specific projects, office cubicles can provide them with the right atmosphere.

Collaborative space

Meanwhile, in marketing, communication and sales businesses, employees may work together frequently throughout the workweek. If workers are moving around frequently throughout the day to perform tasks, its best for office workstations to have room around them to avoid the disrupting the productivity flow.

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