Monday, December 31, 2012

Creating an inviting office

The level of comfort an employee, potential hire and client feels in a manager's office can make or break successful interactions. When an individual steps into an office, the furniture layout and decor immediately hold a lasting influence over his or her perception of the person occupying the workstation. Here are three tips on making an office inviting.

1. Invest in comfortable furniture

While anxious new hires and focused employees may not initially take note of how cushiony or supportive a task chair is when they're sitting at a manager's desk, discomfort can settle in after an extended period of time. Meanwhile, making a client sit in an uncomfortable chair can negatively impact company branding. Comfortable business furniture can make an office and company more welcoming to workers and outsiders alike.

2. Open up space

Clutter around desks and on floors can be extremely distracting and off-putting. Business professionals should consider tidying up by placing loose paperwork in filing cabinets and keeping a minimal number of objects on their desks.

In addition, companies may want to consider working with a business furniture supplier to design office layouts and custom workstations to make spaces more inviting.

3.Throw in personal touches

Placing a candy bowl, family photos and holiday cards around an office can make the managers' environment more approachable.

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