Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cubicle comfort

Steady business is impossible without the work performed between cubicle walls in company offices. To ensure workers are reaching their full potential, managers can help them stay comfortable throughout the day. Employees whose workstations foster focus, creativity and multitasking can maintain productivity in a healthy way.

Encourage personality

Photographs, plants, postcards and calendars let employees personalize their office workstation, according to Forbes. Letting workers display unique mementos and personal, appropriate items lets them know their personality is embraced and not shunned in the workplace.

Part of customizing a space is also ensuring it is physically conducive to work. Ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks and monitors allow workers to set their surroundings to their body types.

Move around

While cubicles give workers the space they need to perform tasks, the limited space can be overwhelming. To promote a more collaborative office space, businesses may consider encouraging employees to walk to coworkers' desks rather than emailing them. If workers interact consistently throughout the day, businesses may want to expand cubicles to fit more than one workstation.


If managers find cubicle furniture isn't conducive to worker happiness or productivity, it may be time to give the office a face-lift. By replacing items with used office furniture, companies can save money on their office improvements without skimping on quality.

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