Monday, December 24, 2012

Defining workplace comfort

While most people know comfort when they feel it, being comfortable can be difficult to describe. It's hard to measure, but employee comfort is central to a positive, productive workplace environment.

"Worker comfort directly affects important predictors of operational efficiency, such as productivity, job satisfaction, retention, well-being, and at its most basic level, of course, worker health," states Herman Miller in "Home Sweet Office: Comfort in the Workplace."

The business furniture maker explains comfort is subjective, dynamic and changeable based on physical positioning, atmospheric temperatures and body types. Comfort is also closely tied to an individual's psychological state, which directly impacts his or her ability to focus and multitask.

In a study of 500 workers, Herman Miller found that having a comfortable office to work in is the most valued workstation characteristic.

It's clear how individuals physically feel impacts how they perform. To make matters more complex, aesthetic and appearance of an office landscape can also impact how comfortable a worker feels in his or her environment. Colors, shapes and space have the power to overwhelm, disgust, please and impress employees.

When purchasing business furniture, it's very important to consider how ergonomic chairs, custom workstations and other items can affect employees' comfort levels.

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