Monday, December 10, 2012

Designing for today's work

While business environments have evolved from a rigid hierarchy of task assignments to a more collective production system, company managers should consider how their furniture layout reflects their organization's culture and business model.

Today, communications technology is at the center of workplace collaboration. Higher numbers of employees using mobile technology mean work doesn't just occur face to face, but virtually on a variety of platforms. It's therefore important for company furniture buyers to think about how the office landscape can fuel diverse methods of communication.

When workers share work and projects they're collaborating informally by viewing a communal computer screen, exchanging conversation or reviewing a document together. Opening up space and creating a layout that lets workers see each other easily is conducive to productivity.

Team collaboration, or when employees work together as a group in a designated space, may require more space, such as a meeting room. It's a good idea to make these spaces versatile by choosing a conference table that can adapt to to technological needs and chairs that can be moved easily.

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