Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Don't let noise bring your business down

Among the common distractions that can throw off an office worker's focus, noise may be the most aggravating. In open environments, frequent disturbances in noise levels can limit workers' productivity by affecting their ability to multitask and concentrate.

Sources of noise in a business setting often include phones ringing, people moving around frequently and workers speaking too loudly. Managers may want to consider how their office layout can limit the negative effects of atmospheric sounds.

If workers need extended periods of silence to perform tasks effectively, managers may provide them with custom workstations in office cubicles. This will block out noise and provide them with the privacy they need.

Meanwhile, while collaboration is central to any well-functioning business, office planners may consider how the sounds of people talking and moving around may affect nearby workers. When designing an office landscape, it's a good idea to keep desks several feet away from conference and break rooms and meeting areas.

In addition, while some employees' jobs involve speaking on the  phone frequently, other workers may not even have a phone at their desk. It's a good idea to keep this in mind when designating workstations.

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