Friday, December 21, 2012

Educating employees on ergonomic health

Back pain and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can severely impact worker productivity. When workers are uncomfortable or in pain, they can't focus or keep up positivity or motivation. Office managers can help employees lower their chances of MSDs and discomfort by educating them on preventative methods.

Teach ergonomic chair use

It's a good idea to demonstrate what proper seating and computer use looks like. Employees can fix their posture and type correctly if they understand how to adjust their business furniture.

Encourage movement

Because moving around enables healthy blood flow and metabolic activity, it's a good idea for workers to sit, stand and walk around throughout the day. Businesses can evaluate how their office landscape and workplace culture promotes or hinders movement.

Spreading information about medical predispositions

According to healthcare software maker Healthwise, workers who have family history of back pain or have had back surgery may be susceptible to discomfort and injury. Lifelong spinal problems can also stimulate lower back pain.

Promoting healthy diet and exercise

Obesity has a strong correlation with MSDs. Excess body weight can cause back strain, weak muscles and low flexibility levels, Healthwise explains. Businesses should consider including healthy diet and fitness education in their wellness programs.

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