Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Evaluating workplace ergonomics

Ensuring workers' health is necessary to maintain safety and productivity. Ergonomics is the study of people at work, and it aims to reduce injuries and disorders caused by overusing muscles, poor posture and repeated movements. Business owners can evaluate the ergonomic value of their office landscape to ensure their business environment is a healthy, collaborative office space.

Office workstations are a great place to conduct an assessment, because they are where employees spend the bulk of their day. When seated, employees' feet should be flat on the floor. Shoulders and arms should be relaxed while typing and hips should be bent at a 90-degree angle. If chairs are deemed unfit, the company should consider ergonomic chairs, which adjust to accommodate every body type.

Desks should be adjustable as well, and while typing, workers' wrists should remain flat in front of the keyboard. The computer screen should be at the top of the employees' eye level and at least 20 inches away from his or her face. If business owners are having difficulty coupling chairs and desks for ergonomic health, they may want to bring in a supplier to design custom office workstations.

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