Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giving workers control of their environment

Worker performance is directly related to their environment. The quality of an office and whether an employee feels he or she belongs in it greatly impacts his or her productivity. The more workers feel their surroundings represent or reflect who they are, the more comfortable and focused they will be.

In "It's All About Me: The Benefits of Personal Control at Work," Herman Miller explains letting employees dictate their environment helps them get work done more effectively and reduces stress levels.

Quoting a British study, Herman Miller explains that giving workers control over lighting at their individual workstations results in higher employee satisfaction. Meanwhile, another office ergonomics study found that ergonomics training also gave employees feelings of environment control and satisfaction with work.

Having options is key to worker happiness. Adjustable furniture and ergonomic chairs, which are extremely adaptable, can help workers customize their workstations.

Herman Miller also points out that privacy affects how in control employees feel over their surroundings. Much of this has to do with sound levels. It's a good idea to give workers the choice of different sound barriers, such as movable screens.

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