Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How technological advances affect the office landscape

As the use of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, becomes more prevalent, company managers should consider how these trends affect employees' work habits and well-being.

Just as ergonomics have determined the best ways to sit or stand at a computer, employers should consider whether workers are using their mobile devices and other touch interface equipment in a healthy way.

In "Tech Trends and Supportive Workplaces," Herman Miller uses the example of the iPad, which people use very differently than they use desktop and laptop computers. The latter rest on a surface, while the iPad is usually held by the user just below shoulder height. While this position is comfortable enough at first, it can strain the user's neck, arms and shoulder after a short period of time.

If employees use iPads or other tablets at their desk, it's a good idea to invest in an supplemental keyboard and place the device on a stand so that it's at eye level, just like a book or printed document.

Meanwhile, when workers use tablets during meetings, providing a stand will limit the chances of them hunching.

It's very important for companies to consistently evaluate how their business furniture and environment complement popular technological advances.

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