Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Office design tips

An aesthetically pleasing office landscape not only boosts worker happiness, but it also gives visiting clients and potential new hires an idea of what a company is truly like. A cramped space with unattractive, uncomfortable furniture can lead workers to dread coming into the office and deter business. Here are 3 tips on designing an office landscape.

1.There's no such thing as too much space

No matter how small an office is, it's a good idea to take into account how breathing room can make space more comfortable. In addition, walkways and extra room for mobility encourages collaboration and health movement among employees.

2.Diversify meeting space

Employees don't always need to work together in conventional meeting rooms. Couches and tables are a great way for workers to change up their environment, which encourages creativity, according to Mashable.

3.Invest wisely

Sometimes beautifying a business requires purchasing more new office furniture, and buyers associate class with cash. Well-built items don't have to be expensive. By purchasing second hand business furniture, companies can invest in items that look good, are high-quality and don't carry a hefty price tag.

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