Thursday, December 27, 2012

Office workstation organization tips: Part 1

Workers are more productive when they're able to focus and multitask for longer periods of time, and organization plays a large role in how employees work. While personal habits vary tremendously, everyone can benefit from a bit of tidying up. Here are three tips to organize an office workstation.

1. Get more space

No matter how reliant modern businesses are on technology, paper and books still play an important role in employees' daily tasks. Printed materials need space, and if they aren't given a proper storage location, they end up piling up on desks, which becomes extremely distracting.

Office managers should consider investing in business furniture that provides adequate storage room. Bringing in new filing cabinets can help employees keep documents organized and off desktops.

2. Find a home for office supplies

Keeping pens, pencils and paper clips organized in a central area ensures they won't get lost in clutter. Advise workers to have just a few pens at their desk in a cup. It's a good idea to keep staplers and hole punches in a designated supply area.

3. Place items based on use frequency

Only essential everyday items should take up desk space. Workers should keep items like sticky notes near the keyboard, while decorative items should moved away from the typing area.

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