Thursday, December 27, 2012

Office workstation organization tips: Part 2

While some employees are better at keeping their workstations tidy, others may not be as good at putting items away after use. To help workers avoid distracting clutter, here are three more tips for office workstation organization.

1. Keep personal items in a designated spot

It's a good idea for employees to keep items like cellphones, wallets, lip balm and other personal items in a designated spot to avoid forgetting them at the office or wasting time looking for them. If desks don't have drawers, a great place to store small belongings is under an elevated computer monitor.

2. The only electronic on the desk should be the computer

Mark Shead, a blogger for Productivity 501, suggests employees keep cable modems, wireless routers, battery backups and any types of chargers and cables off the desk, because these items take up a lot of space. It's a good idea to designate drawer space for electronic accessories like cords and headphones so they can be found easily when needed.

3. Make organization a habit

While a desk may look as clean as a whistle on Monday morning, it can become a cluttered mess by Friday afternoon. It's a good idea to remind workers to clean up frequently and return documents to filing cabinets after use.

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