Thursday, December 13, 2012

The benefits of buying used office furniture

When company decision-makers are shopping for office furniture to either change existing decor or furnish a new space, they may not be aware of the benefits associated with investing in second hand business furniture.  

Lower costs

Cost is often the strongest determining factor in furniture-purchasing decisions. If a buyer looks at new items, his or her options will be severely limited by the company's budget. Fewer choices means the office could end up with insufficient or too few items.

When companies choose to purchase used office furniture, however, they can afford more items and are allotted a larger selection of cost-manageable sets.

Maintaining quality

When office furniture is categorized as second hand, it often has been used for a short amount of time and is very close to new. Buying used furniture means having access to high-quality, effective products at discounted prices. Meanwhile, high prices associated with new furniture will encourage buyers to purchase low-quality items that aren't comfortable, don't fit office needs and/or don't have lasting value.

Environmental boost

One of the best ways for companies to reduce their carbon footprint is to purchase used furniture. Reusing items rather than wasting energy by unnecessarily purchasing new furniture helps support sustainability.

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