Friday, September 28, 2012

Unparalleled Office Furniture Experience

Your Industry

At Office Furniture Warehouse, we attribute our lasting success to understanding the specialized needs for industry sectors like law firms, real estate, call centers, schools and educational institutions, city, county and state-level govern ment offices, medical doctor offices, banks, financial centers, corporate and executive office centers along with the hotel and travel industry. 

Solutions for Large Facilities, Home & Small Offices

Whether you are starting a small business in West Palm Beach, expanding an existing one, managing large facilities or creating business environments for your clients, our account executives will help you develop office furniture implementation strategies that just make sense.

Largest Selection of Office Furniture in South Florida

Browse through thousands of new and used office furniture through our online catalog. We carry a wide array of office cubicles and workstations, chairs, desks, conference tables, filing cabinets, and office furniture accessories. We offer comprehensive solutions from the most innovative brands in office furniture design to match your style, whether it’s modern, contemporary or traditional. Brands like OFW, Global, Richelieu Hardware, Office Star, Mayline, Eurotech and Gautier to name a few. 

Herman Miller Authorized Dealer

Office Furniture Warehouse is the best authorized Herman Miller™ Dealer in South Florida.  In 2011, Herman Miller presented the 2011 Dealer Performance Award to Office Furniture Warehouse.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Office Furniture Delivery and Installation Services

Office Furniture Warehouse provides comprehensive move management, delivery and office furniture installation services throughout South Florida and beyond.

Delivery and Installation of office Furniture Products
Once you have made your purchase at Office Furniture Warehouse, our team will coordinate with your staff and contractors to create and ensure an accurate execution of your furniture delivery and installation.

Our Team will:
  • Check all plans and specifications.
  • Field verify physical dimensions of your space.
  • Provide all insurance requirements to the building or property management.
  • Coordinate with all relevant trades as it relates to electrical, data and voice connections interfacing with the products you have selected.
  • Create a flexible project schedule according to product order once acknowledgements are received from the respective factories.
  • Upon delivery, we will inspect your product and address claims as necessary.
  • During installation, we will create a work flow that addresses the coordination with electrical and low voltage contractors as needed.
  • Remove all packaging and trash.
  • Walkthrough with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Our team of installation professionals are extensively trained to provide the exceptional result-oriented deliverables that address the needs of both small and large companies alike. Our mission is to always provide the highest quality of office furniture installation and delivery services by attracting and retaining the most experience and knowledgeable installers and technicians in Florida. Most of them, have been with us for over ten years.
Since its inception, Office Furniture Warehouse has maintained excellence and reliability in customer service and we pride ourselves in our reputation.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes, you work at home, sometimes even more so than you do at the office and yes you are productive because you are a dedicated professional. Wether you run your own business or work for someone else, you grab that cup of coffee and begin pounding away at your keyboard. What you do everyday let's you do this. I works and the world knows it. Yet you are at home and the space is smaller. So the question forms itself, what of the comforts of the office can I have at home? Answer: All of them.

Well, maybe not your assistant or that handy copy room but for the most part, you can bring all of the comfort of your personal space to your home office. An ergonomic chair is a must, after all, you are seating in front of the computer most of the time and keeping your posture consistent with the way that the human body is designed is important.
And then, you begin to address the rest of the space. It's smaller than the space at work so if you do your research the first thing that comes up is trying to use all of your space, starting with the vertical space as well as keeping that smaller desk free of the work day debris.

At this point, you hung up a storage unit above your desk but you still have some room for getting things off your desk. Enter the desktop organizer and no, we are not talking about some widget you can add to your favorite OS. With the option of hanging these tools on the wall slightly above your desk or attaching them to your desk they can reclaim space on your desk that would normally be wasted. 

There are countless accesories that can be added to your home office and they are applicable to any setting and most existing furniture. You don't have to sit on the couch and  put your laptop on a pillow, the only thing you have to do is work.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

7.4 Billion Reasons

Preventive investment would be the best term we would use in order to justify the purchase of ergonomic chairs and accessories. US companies spend 7.4 billion dollars a year in back pain claims for their employees between the ages of 40 and 65 years old. Working in front of the computer more than a few hours a day can have a pretty significant impact on the human body. Let's put aside for a second the fact that a comfortable member of your staff is likely to be more productive than someone in pain. The cost of workman's compensation claims alone should be the motivator to invest in seating and tools that just make sense.The key factor in avoiding these injuries is to maintain proper posture when sitting in front of the computer.

The human spine has curvatures that help support the weight of the head. When one hunches over in front of the computer it can create stress on the vertebras that they are not designed to take. Changing posture often helps but also having tools like monitor arms that allow the monitor to be pulled closer can be extremely beneficial in maintaining the cervical and thoracic curve. Worksurfaces that adjust in height, particularly those designed for sit-to-stand adjustments can also have a good impact on posture.

Ergonomic seating is probably the most important solution to computer related back injuries. An adjustable lumbar support option can help maintain the lumbar and pelvic curve. An adjustable seat pan can relieve pressure behind the knees and avoid lower back pain.
The benefits go on and on and the ROI not only reveals itself in worker's compensation savings but in productivity as well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Office Seating Justice

Finally, Justice is being done to office seating. Office Furniture Warehouse introduces the Justice Task Chair. It is the most recent addition to our in-stock seating program, and it is available for quick delivery. 

The Justice chair has been specifically designed for office Furniture Warehouse customers incorporating all of the features you would find in most high end contract task seating. Trimmed in polished aluminium and black fabric and mesh, it is perfect ergonomic applications as well as conference rooms.The executive model includes an adjustable headrest that is suited for those long and tiresome phone calls.

Office Furniture Warehouse Justice Chair - Executive Model


  • Breathable Black mesh fabric back with available headrest and Black fabric seat 
  • Attractive polished aluminium back post structure and base
  • Height adjustable lumbar support
  • Multi Function control mechanism with infinite lock
  • Tilt tension adjustment
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Overall Dimensions: 23"D x 26"W x 43"H/51H