Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Designing the call center space in your office

Designing a call center for your new office can be a challenge. A common mistake made during this planning stage is thinking that the amount of floor space you have is the only factor that matters. However, planning your call center around the comfort of your employees could improve the way your workers look at their jobs and reduce turnover. This in turn can mean increased productivity and cut costs on training new hires. You can transform even the most basic space into a fully functional call center with custom office workstations by following these simple tips.

Maximizing space

Look at the floor plan of your office and try to think of an arrangement that makes the most of the space. Try to identify how much space your agents would like to have, and see how possible meeting those demands would be. Employees handling paper or answering phone calls will require space to move around. Imagine the kind of office cubicles you might want to use and how their design will fit in the overall plan of your call center. Think about creating a space for training and adding that to the floorplan so you won't have to work in room for new hires later.


Along with maximizing space, think how the center will flow in terms of employee movement in and around the office. Efficient flow can mean removing a dead end that causes employees to turn around. While 20 or 30 seconds not seem like much, multiply that by the number of employees you have over an extended period of time, and those 30 seconds can cost you hours of productivity. 

Essential call center needs

Before you start installing your custom office workstations, think about the electrical needs of your center. Do you have enough outlets to safely accommodate all of your necessary equipment? Will you drop your office's power through the ceiling or from the floor? What kind of equipment will each representative have on his or her desk? The comfort of your employees should be a priority when considering the needs of your call center. Using ergonomic chairs is a good investment that will keep employee productivity high. These are all important questions to answer first before you settle in. If you absolutely have to begin installing your cubicles and equipment, err on the side of caution and plan on using more electricity. 

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Monday, December 30, 2013

New bank to open in Brickell

Brickell is a Miami neighborhood located on the coastline of the Southern Florida city. It's also adjacent to the downtown area, which makes it a desirable place for business-minded people to setup shop. According to the South Florida Business Journal, the Brazilian entity Safra National Bank of New York will be opening a Brickell office, which will be its second branch in Florida. 

Brickell is a banking mecca with at least 53 domestic, international and large private wealth bank offices and branches within its confines.

Banking office equipment

Office workstations - Banks often have open floor plans on their sales floor. Benching desks are a suitable option for new establishments. They help save space because they allow people to work closely together yet they still have enough room to complete tasks efficiently.

Ergonomic chair - Bankers sit for long periods of time so it's important for each of them to have an ergonomic chair. These seats have movable back rests that conform to the posture of the user. Additionally, the height is adjustable and helps people sit at the computer comfortably, which can also limit workplace injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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How to set up a kid-friendly home office

In the past, raising a child while running a business was almost impossible. Parents who focused on their children saw that their businesses weren't growing as quickly as they'd have liked, just as those that focused their efforts on professional careers couldn't find much free time to be a parent. Today, many men and women are opting to work from home, giving them the opportunity to spend time with their children even as they build their at-home or online businesses. Work spaces that are toddler-friendly take some planning and organization, but building a custom office workstation in your own home is worth the effort. Here are some ideas you can use for your future home office.

Finding a space

Locate an area in your home that lets in a good amount of natural sunlight - near a window in the living room is ideal - as this is where you should place your work desk. If your child isn't old enough to roam around your home alone, make sure that there is space for a playpen in a place where you can keep an eye on him or her.

Setting up your custom office workstation

Now that you found a place to put your desk, you can start outfitting your office with all the essentials. An ergonomic chair and desktop computer should be a priority. Consider adding a filing cabinet to keep all your physical documents in one place. Look for an all-in-one office machine that has a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. Place your ink and toner cartridges, stacks of paper, pens and pencils and other potentially hazardous office supplies in a drawer or on a shelf or out of reach.

Make an art/play station

If you are working with limited space, consider making the most of the area in your home by adding a small bench or table where your child can creatively express him or herself. The table or bench can double as a storage area for art supplies, books and toys.

Tailor the area to your ideal work setting

Although working at home can be fulfilling, there will be times when you get frustrated. Hang pictures that inspire and motivate you. Paint the walls of your home office with colors that are soothing and calming. Consider keeping plants in the area that will help circulate oxygen throughout the room. Your subconscious mind will pick up the calming cues you have set up in your office and keep you focused on your work but also aware of the reason you are working at home.

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How to set up your home recording studio/office

For professional and amateur recording artists, creating a home office space that balances both your professional and creative needs can be a very rewarding endeavor. With a little planning and a clear vision of what you want your studio/office to look like, you can begin making high quality music at a custom office workstation in your own home. Here are some of the basic tools that every musician's home studio needs, whether you are a weekend warrior or a budding professional artist.

A recording device

Before digital technology revolutionized how music was recorded, you had to fill your studio with many different kinds of equipment in order to get the sound you wanted. Today, your computer has everything you'll need in a digital recording device. Many desktops come with an adequate sound card, but if you are serious about your music, consider investing in a card that was made specifically for recording music. Look for one that has a high-quality digital audio converter (DAC), a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) input and output, and a microphone preamplifier.

Headphones and monitor speakers

A common practice in digital music production is to record songs in a multi-track format. For example, first you record the drums, then the bass, then the guitar or keyboard or horns and so on. An efficient way to do this is to use a pair of high quality headphones to listen to the previously recorded tracks while you record the new one. Look for a pair that is closed back so ambient noise does not bleed out while you are recording the new track.

Monitor speakers are important when you are in a recording studio environment because the sound they broadcast is identical to what was recorded. Some stereo speakers alter the sound by highlighting or dampening certain qualities. This can lead to undesired results in post production.

A high quality microphone

Of all the equipment you invest in, do not skimp on your microphone. Even if you have the best digital editing and effects programs on the market, a bad source can ruin just about any sound. Consider investing in a condenser microphone if you are recording acoustic instruments. If you are a vocal artist, also look for a pop filter. This is an inexpensive piece of material that acts as a barrier between the microphone and hard "p" and sharp "s" sounds.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Multiple large leases sold in 2013

South Florida has traditionally been known as a market of small tenant offices, according to the Real Deal. That all changed in 2013, however, as a dozen leases totaling roughly 50,000 square feet of office space or more were finalized.

Northern Trust sold its Miami headquarters to Swire Properties, all while securing a new space at Brickell World Plaza. The transaction closed in the first quarter of 2013 and includes from 65,000 to 75,000 square feet of real estate.

According to the source, the law firm Shutts & Bowen completed a deal for 70,000 square feet of space. The structure is located at the Southeast Financial Center in downtown Miami.

Furnishing a large office space

Large companies need to pay special attention to their business furniture purchases. It's important to apply some of the same principles used when furnishing a smaller place. For instance, custom workstations help each employee work to the best of their ability. And an ergonomic chair should be placed at each desk to provide a comfortable seat for each worker.

Used office furniture

Second hand business furniture is an appropriate option for employers that need to fill a large space. The office workstations can be purchased in matching sets if you source them from a reputable dealer that buys full-lots of used equipment.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Average office rental price in Miami is dropping

There is good news for those looking to rent an office space in Miami. According to The Daily Business Review, the urban center of Miami has seen a drop in rental prices in the third quarter.

According to the real estate services organization CBRE, the asking price for office rentals in downtown metropolitan Miami fell 10 cents to $30.11 per square foot. This coastal city was the only market studied where the rates decreased.

Some occupants of Class C buildings have moved to the newer Class A and B office spaces being built throughout the city, according to the Daily Business Review. It is believed that owners of the older Class C structures have lowered their asking price to make them a more desirable option.

"There's always going to be someone that needs to be in a C building," Maggie Kurtz, a CBRE senior vice president, told the Daily Business Review. "But if I was a C owner, I would definitely improve my building and bring up the status."

Revamping office space

There are a variety of ways to change an outdated office space. Contemporary bench workstations are great for allowing collaboration between coworkers. Additionally, ergonomic chairs are an appropriate seating option for employees. However, if an office building wants to diversify its offerings and attract entrepreneurs, a shared space is a good option to fill vacancies. Professionals can use the office to work together and brainstorm ideas while being in the hub of a bustling metropolis.

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Downtown Miami gets new event space

In 2015, Miami's new science museum will open, according to the Daily Business Review. The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is a $275 million project, and in addition to the cultural influence this place will bring to the metropolis, 40,000 square feet of meeting space is included in the plans.

To date, there is only 143,000 square feet of convention space in the city, as stated by the Miami Development Authority. The event space will be housed in the central building of the museum and in two smaller structures toward the north and west ends. 

Business furniture

When an event space is outfitted with conference tables and guest chairs, each piece needs to have a movable component. Not every meeting organizer is going to use the venue for the same purpose, so mixed-use furniture is a smart choice for rooms that need to adapt to the needs of this international marketplace. Used office furniture is a suitable option for places that need a large amount of equipment for a good price. These desks and chairs are often comparable to new units, if they are purchased from a reputable dealer.

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Take office design cues from Google and Pixar

Developing a space that fosters creativity and collaboration is one of the most significant aspects of designing a productive office. When your company relies on graphic designers, developers and writers to produce great material, design and custom office workstations become even more important. There should be a relationship between the area and the people who work in it. Some of the most creative and industrial people in the world work at Pixar, the digital animation studio, and Google, the Internet-based multi-national corporation. By looking at their offices as a model for your own, you can create a space in which people love to work. 


In 1999, Pixar founder Steve Jobs set out to achieve two essential designs within his new office: one that promoted physical human encounters and facilitated unplanned collaborations through a timeless aesthetic appeal. Only recently has office design considered collaboration important to office design, and in the late 90s, cubicle systems were the status quo. His ideas were ahead of his time and would influence office layouts for the next decade.

Jobs brought in famous interior designer Bohlin Jackson to help create his ideal work environment. To help foster a space for human encounters and collaboration, a large atrium that housed a reception area, employee mailboxes, a recreation and fitness center and a 40-seat movie theater were put into the design of the office. 


Many of the same design features in Pixar's office are echoed in Google's New York campus. By an operational coincidence, Google's elevators are slow. Architects built vertical ladder chutes for employees to use which facilitates casual collisions, a gesture designed to facilitate Jobs's unplanned collaborations.

The layout of the office was also designed to be no more than 150 feet from food. This means that a restaurant, cafeteria or micro-kitchen is always just seconds away from employees. It encouraged workers to bump into each other even if they didn't work in the same department.

Your own office space

You might not have or need the space to lay out your office like these global companies, but consider these features when planning your design:

An open plan - Set aside an open space where employees can walk through and casually meet their coworkers. Facilitate creativity between departments by designing an area that encourages unplanned collaborations.

Emphasize collaborative work areas - Set up a custom office workstations that can seat two or more employees. You can boost the productivity of your workers by creating a flowing, interactive environment instead of one that is restricted and solitary.

Monday, December 23, 2013

New mixed-use development planned for Coral Gables

Coral Gables is located in a submarket of Miami known for its beautiful landscapes. It's often called the "Garden City" due to the wealth of greenery around civic landmarks and residential centers. Much like its neighboring metropolis, Coral Gables is growing. According to the South Florida Business Review, there are plans for a new 119-unit mixed-use building.

The project is a joint venture by Greystone, which is based out of New York, and local companies Strategic Properties and Alta Developer. It's located near Downtown Coral Gables at 3622 S.W. 22nd Street (Coral Way) and is to be called "The Mile." In total there will be 119 apartments and street-level retail establishments.

"The Mile's proximity to downtown and the airport is a key reason why the Downtown Coral Gables location is so attractive for a growing influx of sophisticated residents," Jeff Simpson, chief executive officer of Greystone Property Development, said in a statement.

There is a unique opportunity for the residents of this bustling area to design their space to fit modern aesthetics. Contemporary business furniture for home workplaces and traditional offices has an open vibe. Many new ventures are choosing custom office workstations and pairing them with ergonomic chairs to offer employees a comfortable space that helps make collaboration a normal part of business.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Retail development may expand outside urban centers

The increasing demand for new retailers in Miami is pushing new developments beyond mainstream urban districts.

According to the Miami Herald, the city has an Urban Development Boundary that limits construction beyond the western and southern areas of the county. However, the owners of Aventura Mall and the Fontainebleau hotel have proposed building a new shopping location, complete with an IMAX theater and five-acre water park. Supporters of the project believe Doral and Northwest Miami-Dade residents would benefit from a family-friendly entertainment venue of its kind.

Equipping commercial retailers with business furniture

Some people may not think commercial retailers need appropriate office furniture, however there is tons of work going on behind the scenes of the sales floor.

Businesses differ, so the type of furniture that is needed will vary between each one. However, there are some overlapping principles when equipping a space with office workstations. Each desk whether it be a benching workstation, cubicle or traditional desk needs an ergonomic chair. This seat not only provides a comfortable surface for users, it helps limit workplace strains because the height and back rest adjusts to conform to the posture of the employee.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brickell office building sells high

Real estate is a hot commodity on Miami's coastline. According to Commercial Property Executive, CWCapital Asset Management has sold an office property at 444 Brickell for $104 million. There are two buildings in the deal including a 200,400-square-foot tower and a 101,900-square-foot structure.

The building was appraised in 2010 at $32.5 million and with a recent injection of $2.9 million to improve the property's condition over the last few years, the selling price rose. The asset now belongs to the Related Group, which may develop it further. 

When building's owners change, some tenants stay while new ones are brought in to fill empty units. Any new company looking to do business in this international city must be able to compete in the bustling marketplace. One way to do that is to have a strong foundation of business furniture.

Office workstations

No matter if your company is large or small, the space must be outfitted with the right office cubicles, task chairs, filing cabinets are more. Additionally, a custom office workstation helps employees work to the best of their abilities because their environment conforms to their needs.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Outfitting your downtown Miami home with office furniture

As 2013 near its end, Miami's residential market has strengthened. According to Bilzin Sumberg's New Miami Blog, there are much fewer resale properties available compared to five years ago. The figure of 41,000 residential properties available in South Florida dropped to 14,400 in mid-November of this year.

According to the source, New York investors are driving the boom, as has an influx of foreign buyers paying in cash. Previous domestic buyers in the New York area have moved to Miami to stay away from New York's price hikes. There are also many new developments springing up, including 41 new towers. This result in 12,000 new residential units being created in the downtown area alone in the coming years.

With the wave of residential units being built in the area, business-minded people will likely need an in-home office to conform to the times. Many companies are allowing workers to complete part or all of their work from home. Even if this is not the case, many people take overflows of assignments home with them, so it's important to have a suitable working space to be sure the work is completed efficiently.

Used office furniture

Second hand office furniture is a great option for residential buyers. When these desks and chairs are sourced from a reputable dealer, the quality is comparable to newer units. They also offer a cost-effective solution for people looking to save money.

Contemporary workstation

Seek out workstations that will match the decor of your home. If you have an entire room you can dedicate to an office you'll have enough space to purchase a large executive style desk with a storage hutch. If you have a smaller space, opt for a L-shaped desk that can fit in a small corner.

Ergonomic chairs

There is a variety of second hand office chairs available as well. It's important to make your chair decision based on comfort as well as style preference. First choose a range of chairs that can be adjusted for the height and posture of the user, then narrow down your choices from there. You can select a chair with advanced ergonomic features like a head rest and segmented back rest.


People who work from home need storage solutions too. So be sure to equip your workspace with filing cabinets. If you have limited square footage opt for vertical cabinets.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Downtown Doral soon to become an urban center

Miami is constantly reinventing itself. Doral, a suburb that lies west of Miami-Dade County, has been targeted by developers as a new urban center. According to the Miami Herald, there are plans to build a mixed-used community called Downtown Doral. The project will encompass 120 acres of land in hopes to establish Doral as a place to live, work and play.

"In Downtown Doral, we are giving the new City of Doral a heart and soul," Armando Codina, developer, wrote on the Downtown Doral website.

According to the source, Codina Partners invested more than $1 billion in the project, its largest contribution ever. The development will include 2,840 upscale living units, including a number of condos and rental properties. Additionally, there will be more than 1 million square feet of office space, allowing larger corporations to "rub shoulders" with startups.

When new projects are planned there is a unique chance for the interior design to take on a modern aesthetic. A variety of office design trends has emerged that are based on collaboration, which has been made easier through smart furniture purchases. 

Open layouts

Office workstations - Multiple rows of cubicles aren't right for an open floor plan, so opt for bench workstations to provide an airy feel to the room. These desks are built from multiple attached units to provide an efficient use of space. They are available in larger units that sit two or more people and are perfect for employees that need extra storage and counter space, like administrative staff members. On the other hand, contrasting workstations feature a rectangular design that fits more people. However, each person still has ample space to work. This option is suitable for customer service representatives, writers and even graphic designers.

Custom - To create a productive environment skip the one-size-fits-all method of buying office furniture and instead customize the units to feature the amenities people need. This can also be done with traditional desks. Some models have hutches and shelving to increase the storage space. Pick up those pieces if the additional storage will help support operations.

Ergonomic chairs - These days it's not enough to purchase task chairs for employees. Each seat needs to meet ergonomic standards to provide a comfortable cushion. Additionally, an ergonomic chair adjusts to conform to the posture and height of each user, which helps eliminate workplace strains.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Work begins on new Hyatt Place Miami

Miami is in "growth mode," according to The Real Deal, as a variety of industries are seeing lots of development including the hospitality, commercial retail and health care sectors. The Miami International Airport submarket has become a thriving business center as well, with passenger arrivals increasing and new terminals being added.

The Hyatt Place company recently began construction on its first branded hotel in Miami, according to the source. It's being built by a joint venture called MIA LeJeune, which is made up of Mayan Properties, Travelers Hotel Group and Concord Hospitality. The estimated cost for the entire project is $21 million and the structure will feature 135 rooms upon completion.

In addition to planning for building materials and decor, this new hotel and others like it must stay true to guests' needs - and the MIA Airport district boasts a highly business-centric clientele. As such, it's important that each suite come complete with appropriate business furniture like a contemporary workstation and ergonomic chair. Also, it's helpful for there to be large on-site meeting rooms with adequate-sized conference tables and task chairs. Ensuring each guest has an appropriate workstation will help him or her boost productivity and keep the hotel in mind during the next visit.

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Designing a modern Miami law firm

According to The Real Deal, the law firm Shutts & Bowen has just signed on to occupy an office space in Miami's Southeast Financial Center. The 15-year lease takes effect November 2015. The office space includes almost 70,000 square feet in three floors.

Law firm office designs are changing with the times. According to the Los Angeles chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators' Leadership Exchange Magazine, the secretary to lawyer ratio has increased and technology is making things more automated. Additionally, lawyers are becoming more mobile and working in teams more often.


Legal firms are also implementing additional branding into their company. While this needs to be maintained through public channels, company culture should be consistent throughout the firm. Incorporating logos and chosen color schemes through the walls and conference areas helps foster a more engaging workplace and helps employees feel like they are part of a team.


Ergonomic offices are another component of modern legal workplaces. Because lots of time is being spent behind the computer, there is a bigger push for comfortable ergonomic chairs that adjust. 


According to the source, areas with a high-density of law firms are seeking to share facilities. In some cases, conference rooms and mock courtrooms are being used by multiple practices. 

Open environment

Law firms that choose to work in teams can benefit from an open layout. While partners and other people in leadership roles have their own office, the rest of the workforce can work in a more communal environment.

Supporting furniture

Office workstations - Benching workstations are the most practical option for open floor plans. These desks are usually connected in groups of two or four desks, though the workstations can also be made into long rectangular tables with small nooks for each employee. These workstations are suitable for administrative staff members. If more space is needed, opt for the smaller grouping of desks. Many of these models have built in storage and shelving, which helps boost efficiency.


There is a variety of standalone filing cabinets for extra storage needs. Choose from high-density cabinets, bookcases and other storage units.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding the right office furniture for a South Beach Hotel

Developers continue to expand their footprint in South Florida, a fact made apparent by Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant's plans for a new hotel. The project, announced in late November, sees the company acquire the Angler boutique, with plans to add another tower in the coming years. In 2014 an additional 83 rooms will be built, resulting in a total of 131 suites in the hotel. Additionally, the plans include a new lobby modeled after a living room, as well as a rooftop pool.

"South Florida has been an especially integral part of Kimpton's growth story over the last five years as a market with high demand among our most loyal guests. We look forward to continuing our success here," Mike Depatie, CEO and president of Kimpton, said in a statement.

Hotel furniture

While it's important to find the right bedding and lounge seating for a hotel suite, the office area is becoming an integral part of the room as well. Even though the coastal city is home to numerous beaches and a tropical climate, it is also a bustling business center. Outfitting each room with ample space for hotel guests and business professionals to finish their work will help fill the needs of the clientele.

Contemporary work stations - These modern desk styles are perfect for hotel chains. They can be customized to fill a variety of room sizes, while each still offering ample work space.

Ergonomic desks - Business professionals spend many hours at their desks, so be sure they have a comfortable space to sit. This can be accomplished with an ergonomic chair. The units have adjustable back and neck rests, thus allowing guests to sit comfortably. These seats are used in office environments around the country, and are touted as providing a comfortable sitting environment that limits strains in the neck and back.

Conference rooms - It's vital for hotels in metropolises like Miami to have conference rooms. Each should be a different size to offer personalized options to clients. Conference tables are available in a range of lengths, from those that offer enough room to seat a small group to tables that fill the room. It's important to fill space with professional-grade executive chairs. This helps accentuate the quality of service offered at the hotel. Modern meeting rooms are also typically equipped with the latest technology. Be sure you have a large flat screen display, video chatting capabilities and a table that supports additional items.

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Which office workstations are best for Miami's bustling art community?

The Art Basel event that wrapped up in Miami beach on Dec. 8 was an international showcase of art with participation from more than 250 leading galleries.

"We were delighted to see the strong interest of European and American collectors in Latin American artists," Livia Benavides, a gallery owner, said in a statement. "Art Basel in Miami Beach is the meeting point for all art professionals, especially those from Latin America."

In addition to the art deco architecture and museums found along Miami's sandy shore, the coastal town also has many cultural neighborhoods. The Design District is home to innovative fashion, design and art houses, making it one of Miami's most creative areas. Another popular neighborhood, Wynwood, has 70 art galleries as well as retail and nightlife establishments.

If you are a new entrepreneur hoping to move into this vibrant city, or a local looking to outfit your gallery with new office equipment, keep these tips in mind:

Creatives spaces need collaboration

Most galleries keep their furniture to a minimum and opt for open floor plans when possible, so there are a variety of office workstations from which to choose, to support this type of business.

Conference tables - It's important to have a large conference table with ample seating for each employee. This will be a place for everyone to gather and brainstorm ideas for a new showcase or marketing endeavors.

Custom office workstation - Because this work is so unique, it might be best to design your own custom office. Choose streamlined workstations for your administrative professionals and a traditional desk for the curator and others in a leadership role.

Ergonomic chairs - Each desk must have comfortable seating. This can easily be achieved with plush ergonomic chairs. These units have adjustable back and neck rests that have been proven to reduce the risk of workplace strains caused by sitting for long periods of time. 

Technology support - Many art galleries are adopting the latest forms of technology and the workplace must be able to support this. Be sure to outfit your space with computer arms for monitor displays or mobile carts for easy front-of-the-house sales. The use of this technology means many files can be stored on external backup hard drives, but when you need hard paper copies, be sure you have suitable filing cabinets as well.

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Mixed-use building planned for Wynwood

The development interest in Wynwood continues to build, as new investors flock to the artsy Miami neighborhood. According exMiami, plans for a mixed-use building called Wynwood Central were recently released.

Shawn Chemtov and Marc Kovens are building the structure, which will feature eight floors of office, residential and retail space. Additionally, more than 400 parking spots are included in the plan, as well as an outside courtyard.

This new building is planned in a vibrant Miami neighborhood. Wynwood originated as a garment district and now serves as home for one of the world's largest open-air art galleries. Additionally, the area is known for a variety of trendy restaurants, bars and other creative establishments.

If you are looking to move your operations to this part of town, it's important to fit the space to your brand culture and the arty vibe of the neighborhood. To do so, design a custom office to bring personality and style into the space.

Open layout

In a neighborhood filled with open layouts, it's suitable to mimic the look in your space. Instead of cubicle desks, opt for office workstations that allow for collaboration. Teamwork drives innovation, so be sure your business furniture supports productive work.

Conference room - For a truly custom space, install glass walls in your conference room. People will feel less confined in the area and ideas will be able to flow more freely.


Bring vibrant colors into the office. Don't settle for white, gray or beige walls when colorful hues help people feel energized. You can also add color by picking a space with numerous large windows. This takes advantages of the city's wealth of natural hues from the greenery of the trees to the blue ocean views.

Wall art

Create an even more interesting environment with wall art. You can fill the space with colorful depictions of your brand's logo and company signage. You might also want to include professional photographs or other framed forms of art. Consider adding sculptures or even murals to the space.


You can brighten up your office with plants. Choose tall leafy options to place near filing cabinets, and if your budget allows for it, include a personal potted flower or plant in each custom office workstation.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Miami-based entrepreneurs launch niche business network

There are countless examples of Miami's entrepreneurial spirit to be found amidst the wave of new office buildings and business conferences springing up around the city. This international town is also producing young entrepreneurs, so much so that some professionals felt they needed their own forum.

Our City Thoughts is a nonprofit organization that was founded in January 2013. Binsen J. Gonzalez created the initiative as a way to organize some of the new innovations created by entrepreneurs. According to the institution's website, the community support received from this endeavor has proven its need. It's stated goal is to connect established industry professionals with "millennial talent."

In addition to a good network of business-minded individuals, entrepreneurs also need to make smart choices regarding their finances. During the startup phase, expenses must be kept at a minimum, thus lowering overhead. The collection of knowledgeable industry professionals can help fledging business owners cut costs. This can be done with smart purchasing habits, including the initial allocation of business furniture.

Before any equipment is purchased, the office layout must be planned out. As a business owner or member of the leadership team, you'll need know how many employees must fit the space. As you speak with other professionals you can get a better sense of how successful offices operate. Then you will know how to design your own layout.

Workstations - Open floor plans are popular these days. They are chosen mainly, because they allow team members to collaborate quite easily. However, this setting also can help your startup costs. Without traditional walls or partitions, you can maximize space. Each square foot of your office should be considered to have a dollar amount, which means the more people in one room the more money saved. At the same time, be sure not to cram workers in too tightly. You can easily avoid that with contemporary workstations. These desks are streamlined for efficiency. They offer ample counter space for each employee, yet make the most of valuable office real estate.

Ergonomic chairs - It's also important to make sure each employee seated at a desk has an ergonomic chair. These industry standard units are lauded for their adjustable neck and back rests.

Used office furniture - Consider filling your space with used office furniture. If you source pieces from a reputable dealer, you can find quality equipment in various styles. Additionally, when retailers purchase units in large lots you could buy matching furniture for the entire office.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Creating the perfect home office in Uptown Miami

There is a variety of new condos in the greater Miami area and the uptown neighborhood. Urban living often sprawls upward in many metropolises, and this coastal city is no different. This global marketplace has numerous new residential developments with vacancies to sell. 

While it's important to make sure your home has all the amenities to enjoy comfortable living, you might also want to equip it with a home office.

Business trends are moving to more mobile-based work. Many employees of mid- to large companies are able to complete some or all of their tasks from home thanks in large part to the considerable advancements of modern technology. It's easier than ever for people to connect to the Internet at home, and log in to the business's internal network.

However, in order to ensure the same amount of productivity is achieved, be sure you outfit your workspace with appropriate business furniture. When a home office is designed, people often shop at a place that sells tables and seating for the entire home, But you'll get much more durable and quality furniture if you source equipment from an office supply store.

Secondhand business furniture

Established retailers are able to purchase large quantities of used office furniture. These desks and chairs come from businesses that are revamping, moving locations or closing down, and the quality of the workstations are often comparable to new units, but much more affordable.

Custom choice

Before you buy used or new furniture, take a good look at your space. Some people have an entire room to dedicate to an office while others may only have a small corner. For the former, you can have your pick of large desk units. Some are L-shaped, while others are round. If space is tight and you're setting up the work area in a corner of a room, opt instead for angled desks. These units take advantage of all the space, while providing lots of counter room.


It's important for any work area, even a home office, to have comfortable seating. So opt for an ergonomic chair. You have a wide variety to sort through, because you are buying your own furniture. So you could select an adjustable neck or back rest. Or you can pick both. Additionally, you might want a chair on wheels. The downside of going into a traditional office is the lack of flexibility. Take advantage of the range of working environments by bringing in a comfy chair or sofa to offer yourself a change of scenery.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Office design to support your employee's well-being

There has been a boatload of new development in Miami and its submarkets. Whether your office is located in the Design District, South Beach, Wynwood, Coral Gables or another area near this coastal city, you'll need the right environment to support your workforce.

A variety of factors can influence the well-being of your employees, which, in turn, can impact productivity. According to the South Florida Business Journal, not addressing the mental health of workers can deter the company's growth.


The majority of jobs are stressful, which is a fact that is hard to overcome. However, management can help lighten the load by designing a supportive workplace.

"Creating tranquil places to concentrate, especially in open-office environments, allow staff to choose their engagement level without losing the benefits of collaborative opportunities," according to the source.

Mobile workers

Many offices allow employees to complete part or all of their work from home. This is beneficial because it allows greater flexibility. However, the downside is that these "teleworkers" can feel segregated from their coworkers and company. So when a home-based employee's work needs to be done in the office itself, be sure to have a quality desk and chair on hand that is near their co-workers.


When an employee has his or her head buried in a computer all day, isolation could be a problem. Avoid this issue with an office layout that supports daily interaction. Choose cubicles with low partitions, so people don't feel confined and can easily converse. Additionally, consider outfitting private offices and conference rooms with glass walls. A transparent company culture is good for morale.


There are certain things everybody needs to stay healthy and full of energy. While food is an obvious necessity, exercise is important as well. It may seem like a luxury to offer employees a fitness area, but supporting their healthy lifestyles can actually help reduce depression and absenteeism, according to the South Florida Business Journal. So send out a memo to gauge everyone's interest and consider adding a workout center for the staff. Windows that let in steady amounts of sunlight can boost spirits, as well. Many people need to have some type of interaction with greenery and the sun to stay motivated.

Office workstations

Modern business furniture provides offices so many options to improve a worker's day. For an open floor plan, consider streamline desks without partitions. These units are great for employee communication. However, if your company's model is based on independent work, opt for modern cubicles that have ample storage and counter space.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PortMiami may soon be home to a soccer stadium

With all the development underway in Miami and its submarkets, you may not recognize the coastal region in the coming years. Investors and international markets steadily show an interest in supporting both old and new structures in the area. Now, David Beckham and his Major League Soccer team might join in the mix, according to the Miami Herald.

Even though the negotiations are in their preliminary stages, Beckham Brand Limited has asked Miami-Dade County if it would consider the construction of the stadium in the southwest corner of Dodge Island in PortMiami.

"They kind of elevated this site," Deputy Mayor Chip Iglesias, told the source. "We said yes, we'd take a look at it."

A new stadium on the port will require a range of new office equipment for the administrative wing of the franchise. Whether you are purchasing furniture for a sporting arena, commercial center, real estate office or another entity, each component of your space needs to be made from a quality material.

This is where office workstations come in. These desks are modeled after contemporary designs so they offer a streamlined look. This in turn helps with efficiency because it doesn't take up much space, yet supports each employee and the tasks they need to complete. Conference tables are also needed in many types of establishments, so make sure to buy one that fits the type of work that will be completed.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Miami venture firm provides insight into a culture-based workplace

There are many different components that make up a productive workplace. While office trends have moved toward open layouts that promote collaboration and transparency, other employers are seeking to establish a clear cultural environment.

Susan Amat wrote an editorial in the Miami Herald called "Building a Strong Culture Pays Huge Dividends." She is the founder of Venture Hive, which works to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing them education and guidance.

"Even though we are a small startup, we are taking the pulse of our team regularly," Amat wrote. "The first thing we discuss with potential interns and employees is that we prioritize the cultural fit over everything else."

The company conducts regular performance evaluations that also consider the individual's personality. She believes that in order to build a good team, everyone needs to have a shared sense of respect and value.

Office design can play a big part in company culture. If you want your firm to be a space for everyone to feel like part of a group, an open floor plan is the way to go. And contemporary office workstations are the foundation material upon which to grow your business. Small touches like glass walls and ergonomic chairs can go a long way toward supporting the workplace.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Friday, November 29, 2013

New development planned for Wynood art district

Wynwood is a bustling art district in Miami. The area used to be filled with a range of warehouses and manufacturing structures. But with the wave of new development in the region, this neighborhood had a renaissance as well. Today, you will find tons of art galleries, antique shops and other cultural retail locations in Wynwood.

According to the South Florida Business Journal, a 22,462-square-foot building located in this neighborhood was just sold and the new owners plan on redeveloping it. The purchasing company, New Wynwood 25, is based out of New York and has plans to turn the space into a showroom in addition to a restaurant and retail space.

"This transaction represents a rapidly increasing presence of high-profile investors from New York and beyond who believe in the emerging neighborhood of Wynwood as a future hub for retail, office and residential use," Jason Weisman, a Metro 1 agent who represents the buyer, told the source.

As popular Miami neighborhoods like Wynwood continue to grow, companies moving to the area will need the right business furniture for their offices. Whether they choose plush guest chairs, conference tables, contemporary office workstations or other equipment, the furniture must be purchased from a reputable source to be a smart business investment.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Worldcenter lands two big-name tenants

There are many new projects underway in downtown Miami, and the Worldcenter is just one of them. According to The Real Deal, the development project has recently landed two big-name tenants, Macy's and Bloomingdale's.

The Worldcenter is being constructed in the heart of the city and will serve as the ultimate mixed use set of buildings, blending entertainment, hotel, residential, restaurant and commercial properties.

Each of these different entities need the right business furniture to help support the companies. The type of equipment needed varies between each one, but there are a few foundational principles of office desks and chairs.

Office workstations

Before you outfit your business with furniture, study the type of work being done. Ask yourself if the desks and conference tables are suitable for the tasks you are completing. If necessary, customize contemporary workstations to ensure you are getting what fits the needs of your employees best.

Ergonomic chairs

At the foundation of an efficient workplace is ergonomic seating. These chairs adjust in either the neck rest, back rest or both. This allows each to conform to the user, which helps limit strains and other workplace injuries.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Week proves need for business-minded professionals

Global Entrepreneurship Week recently commenced in Miami to celebrate the growth of international markets. This is not surprising because the city is located in a strategic place and receives lots of business for surrounding countries like Mexico, Brazil and nations in the Caribbean.

For this week-long event, entrepreneurs gathered in South Florida representing many different industries and ventures. According to the Miami Herald, the paneled discussions included talks on technology education, digital media and crowdfunding. Conferences like this are fueling the next wave of business-minded professionals to lead them to success.

Startup: Miami and The Atlantic will host a round of pitch sessions on Dec. 9. Each entrepreneur will compete to present their business plan at the annual Startup event in February. 

Business furniture

As business professionals prepare their presentations and meet with the right investors, they will be on their way to launching their new endeavor. To support the company, quality equipment will need to be purchased. Startups often have limited funds, so used office furniture is a smart option. However, be sure you purchase from a reputable dealer to ensure you buy sturdy office workstations, desks, conference tables and ergonomic chairs.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Design District retailer expansions increases need for quality office furniture

Miami's Design District is the place to get your fill of shopping. The neighborhood has many world-class retailers, from Christian Louboutin and Cartier to Hermes and Pucci. In fact, the area is so desired that many popular shopping destinations in the Design District are being revamped and expanding.

The development company Dacra has helped made the Design District what it is today.

"Dacra has transformed this once-abandoned area of Miami into a community dedicated to art and design," Dacra's website states. "Today, the Miami Design District is home to art galleries, design showrooms, artist lofts, design and architecture firms, media companies, luxury retail, restaurants and urban residences, as well as internationally renowned cultural events."

According to Bilzin Sumberg's New Miami Blog, the development company is planning another upscale retail location in more than 500,000 square feet of land in the Design District. A couple of the planned tenants include Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Office furniture

Traditional - Luxury retailers need business furniture that is going to match their stylish aesthetic. For companies that have been in business a long time like Chanel, traditional furniture is best. These desks are large units made from a solid wood construction. They have sturdy structures and storage space to meet a range of needs.

Contemporary - For another option - perhaps a commercial retailer that focuses on trendy goods - contemporary furniture might be a good choice. These office workstations are simple, yet help support an efficient workplace. You choose the type of desk based on the needs of your workforce. Even cubicles have been remodeled to be bright workstations instead of cramped units. 


Seating is an important part of the workplace. It's vital that each and every employee has a comfortable place to sit. Task chairs work well for guests. However, be sure to have ergonomic seats for workers that sit for prolonged periods.

Conference rooms

Luxury department stores often host trunk shows and other events. It's important to have a suitable place for people to present, whether it be to the company or consumers. Get a conference table to fit the space appropriately. Some of these surfaces have slots to hide away computer cords. Additionally, be sure to have enough plush guest chairs for clients and other people viewing your presentations.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Outfitting Miami's South Beach with the right office equipment

South Beach is a popular neighborhood in Miami. It is filled with tons of nightlife, beaches and good times. It boasts art deco architecture and lots of amenities worthy of any vacation. Additionally, the area also has a prime real estate market, with investors choosing to buy property in this district to boost their portfolio.

This is exactly the case with an 8,300-square-foot building in the area's fashion ward. The structure houses the luxury retailer Guess and sold for $12.5 million, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

"The building is a trophy retail asset located in the heart of the Collins Avenue fashion district," Drew Kristol, broker of the deal and a vice president of investments at Marcus & Millichap, told the source. "Guess has occupied the property since 1998, and over the years has re-invested into their build-out. The new owner is an excellent position to capitalize on the below market in-place rental structure."

Another commercial retail property in South Beach is up for sale. It's a mix-use building located on a 1/2 acre of land. Numerous stores call this place home, including IZOD, Williams-Sonoma, H&M and Gap.

As Miami continues to be a strong player in the real-estate industry, new structures and sales of existing units mean an influx of new companies, commercial and otherwise. Most places need proper furniture to support the workforce. Furnishing an office space may seem like a simple task, yet the most successful entities put lots of thought into the design of the office and business furniture choices.

Office workstations

Retail establishments have various uses for office equipment. Each store has an administrative component where managers need to complete payroll, scheduling, floor sets and other supporting work. Many times this space is cramped because the best real estate is left for the sales floor. So it is important to use this area wisely.

If there is a tight corner, fill it with a desk in the same shape. If you have an open space, use contemporary workstations made of long desks with individual working stations for each employee. Furnish private offices with traditional furniture that comes with matching storage. These wooden desks offer a quality working surface and are perfect to meet with interviewees and other business professionals.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding the right furniture for a Coral Gables office

Coral Gables was designed with beauty in mind. The founders built it to reflect the wealth of the region with vast gardens and ornate architectural features. And as the rest of South Florida is seeing growth and interest from investors, this city is being affected as well.

This town has positioned itself as "a gateway to Latin America," as founder George Merrick once predicted. Now there are many consulates and international ties within its boundaries.

New developments

The Building on Ponce Circle is a new structure filled with 58,000 square feet of Class A office space. Like many buildings in the area, retail establishments, like Violeta Pasteleria, have leased space in this location. Other companies like First Bank Florida and Caliber Home Loans will fill the space too, according to Miami's Community Newspapers. This marks an 80 percent occupancy rate, which means a good outlook for the area's real estate market.

As new developments continue to be built in the area, companies filled with savvy entrepreneurs must fill the space. And in order to be productive each day, the entire team must have the right business furniture.

Office workstations

It's not a secret that technology has changed the way people do business. But while many things are virtual or completed online, people still need appropriate work surfaces. The modern desk is streamlined for efficiency. Additionally, many of the units are customizable so they can fit the needs of various departments. Some professionals might need a large amount of office space, while others would benefit more from a larger working surface. Study the needs of your environment to ensure you buy appropriate furniture.

Ergonomic chairs

It can't be said enough that ergonomic chairs are important for a strong foundation of a business. Employees aren't productive if they don't have a comfortable place to sit. Each seat needs to be adjustable and to conform to the posture of each user.


Many workstations have built-in storage, however, some companies need to keep a large amount of hard copies on file. When this is the case, buy appropriate filing cabinets. Take stock of what you need to store or what future projections will be. There are a range of styles from which to choose, including vertical and horizontal units. Be sure they are sturdy and of a good quality because they will be housing very important documents.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outfitting your Class B and C Miami office space

It's not a surprise that Miami is a hotbed for development. The coastal city is strategically located in an area close to many international business markets. Current Class A office vacancy is low, which causes investors to have to look to Class B options or new construction. Many industry professionals are doing both.

"Spec construction is finally coming back," Ralph Kittrell, a principal and investment officer at Exeter Property Group, told GlobeSt.com. "I think you have to look at a lot of opportunities and not stay too focused on one thing. We are probably going to put about 15 percent of our fund in office and 20 percent to 25 percent in spec or new construction."

Class B and C

Class B and C space is available in Miami's submarkets. These areas like the Design District, Midtown and Medley still have low enough rents where you can lease a unit before the neighborhood's value catches up with it.

These units don't have the same amenities as Class A offices because they are housed in older buildings. B-units are often of good quality while some of the C-models might need renovation. But with the booming real estate industry in Miami, it's smart to get in these coveted office spaces before the prices skyrocket.

This is a good option for startups and entrepreneurs who have less funds to cover overhead. To reduce expenses even more, furnish your office space wisely.

Used office furniture

Business owners who are looking for low-cost solutions to equip their offices should seek secondhand business furniture. These desks and chairs are often comparable in style and quality to their new counterparts. Additionally, the best dealers buy merchandise in bulk in order to offer matching sets of cubicles and other office workstations.


To stay with the contemporary vibe that Miami exudes, purchase modern desks and chairs. Many of these workstations were designed to flow with open-space layouts. As a result, these units don't have partitions, which can limit collaboration. However, if your employees need privacy, you can opt for traditional cubicles.


Ergonomics chairs are necessary for every office. They have adjustable parts to help the user have a more comfortable and personalized seat. Look for secondhand office chairs as well as new ones during your shopping process.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Choosing the right office furniture for Miami entrepreneurship

Miami is praised for many things, and having a large population of entrepreneurs is part of what makes the city an economic powerhouse. The Florida Venture Forum is gearing up to host its annual conference in late January by seeking corporate presenters.

This member-based organization has been in business for 30 years. The Forum has educational programs that help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching them about management, finance, human resources and more. Additionally, the group obtains funding for these professionals and helps them gain networking skills.

According to the Miami Herald, the Design District, Wynwood and Brickell are among some of the neighborhoods where growth is prevalent. Amid the various hospitality and real estate businesses, social entrepreneurship is also thriving. For example, the Rising Tide Car Wash opened in Broward County to employ people with autism.

There are a variety of components that make up a successful business venture. The people leading the company need to have the know-how to do the work and their efforts need to be supported by an efficient working space.

Office workstations

Today's streamlined office furniture is a great cost-effective yet quality form of business furniture. Many of these desks were designed to limit waste and house numerous employees in a small space. However the workstations still have ample room for each employee to complete tasks efficiently.

Ergonomic chairs

Ensure each desk has a comfortable seat. Ergonomic chairs are the industry standard when it comes to sitting for long periods of time. They are available in a range of colors, styles and shapes, yet they have an adjustable seat. This allows you to adjust either the neck, backrest or both to provide hours of comfort. Consider the models with wheels to have better accessibility between coworkers. 

Conference room

It's important to have a quality presentation area. This room allows corporate-level employees to meet with investors to obtain additional funding, if needed. Equip the room with a quality table with slots to house computer cords. Additionally, be sure you fill the room with an ample amount of plush guest chairs.


With modern technology you can store most of your files in digital formats on external hard drives. But for the amount of physical storage still needed, choose sturdy metal filing cabinets. These are available in horizontal and vertical styles.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Designing an efficient workspace for Miami health care offices

Just like Miami is seeing a boom in real estate and financial offices, the city is also receiving growth in the health care field. According to the South Florida Business Review, the Cleveland Clinic recently opened an office in Broward County. It's a 3,500-square-foot space located in Parkland. It will serve people in the areas of dermatology, orthopedics, rheumatology, nephrology and more. Additionally, there will be a $830 million expansion to the Jackson Health System (JHS), according to the source. The medical institution has various locations throughout Miami. Additionally, JHS is looking to work with local small businesses on this project. 

Health care design

Health care offices are similar to other places of business that conduct administrative work. And like those other entities, medical offices are evolving with the times. According to Healthcare Design magazine, these spaces need to support the wave of technology used by industry professionals. This includes communicating through video, email and texting.


In order for health care offices to adopt modern, open layouts, they'll need to create departmental hubs. Patient privacy is of the utmost concern for these institutions, so work needs to be completed away from customers. Create large offices where employees under the same branch can work together and collaborate.

Office workstations

Contemporary workstations offer a more streamlined version than desks of the past. They come in a variety of designs as well. Some feature long desks with portioned out workstations for each employee. Each cove has an area for the worker to sit, with ample room for comfort. Other forms of these desks offer even more space and are built in an L-shape. They provide shelving for employees to house important medical files and other materials.

Conference rooms

Medical offices receive many requests to host meetings where pharmaceutical representatives can present new products. It's important to have a conference room that can fit each doctor and support the technology used in these gatherings. Choose a sturdy conference table with slots to hide cords for laptops and other devices.

Used furniture

Revamping any office space can be expensive. And when a health care building is upgraded, going over budget can limit amenities for patients. Consider purchasing discount office furniture. As long as you purchase these desks, chairs and storage systems from a reputable dealer, you will have quality business furniture.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Choosing the right workstation for commercial real estate in Miami

The Global Diversity Summit (GDS) took place in November, promoting ethnic minorities in the commercial real estate industry. It was located in downtown Miami at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Each year the conference gives an opportunity for business professionals to network with 500 other people in similar fields, according to Greenfield Advisors.

Miami is situated in a strategic area in the global marketplace. With laws changing in Latin America, many foreign companies are setting up branches in this international city. Additionally, GDS designates certain people as scholars. The program is open to those enrolled full-time in an educational program with interest in commercial real estate, construction, urban planning, design and more.

To support new business, there is also a wide range of development in Miami. In the downtown area construction is underway to build a city center that will offer a variety of office and retail space.

If you are an ethnic minority, take advantage of some of the programs the city has to offer. As you launch your own business, or help an established one grow, make sure it has the right equipment.

Office workstations

In the grand scheme of things business furniture may not seem that important to the function of a company, but it's vital. In order for any type of entity - commercial real estate or otherwise - to run efficiently, each employee has to be equipped with the necessary tools. Of course in the modern world this means a computer, keyboard and mouse. But it also points to a quality working environment. Many times choosing a one-size-fits-all surface for a worker can interfere with his or her productivity. If you are upgrading furniture, monitor how different departments work, then choose pieces accordingly.

Sales and customer support - These professionals may need cubicles workstations. If they use the phone on a consistent basis, partitions can help drown out the sound.

Administrative - Employees that conduct a lot of computer-based work most likely only need a simple surface with ample storage space.

Creative - Graphic artists and copy editors need to collaborate to work efficiently. It's best for them to work in an open-space environment where they have their own station yet can connect with another employee easily.

Lastly, if you are upgrading furniture or making the move to a new space, consider used office furniture. These units are much more cost-efficient than their new counterparts and often look just the same.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Choosing the right business furniture for Brickell offices

Brickell is a business district in Miami that borders downtown and Coconut Grove. It's a coastal neighborhood filled with universities, skyscrapers, hotels and other business entities.

Swire Properties is planning a new development where the Northern Trust Banking building resides, according to Miami New Times. The new structure will be the tallest tower in the city and it serves as the second stage of Brickell City Centre. In total, the project will be a $1.05 billion mixed-use space when complete. There will be 5.4 million square feet of hotel, retail, office and entertainment real estate. Additionally, the Metromover train stations will be incorporated into the design.

If your business is planning on leasing office space in this business center or any of the other new developments in Brickell, you need furniture to match the quality of the buildings.

Executive offices

Desks - In order to establish yourself as a key player in the tropical region of Miami, you'll have to display a certain level of professionalism. Equip each executive-level office with traditional desks. These office workstations convey a look of quality with their solid wood foundations and paneled accents. Many of these desks have matching hutches that serve as storage coves. Additionally, they provide extra surface area to complete work.

Ergonomic chairs - Plush executive chairs are also available in ergonomic styles. Pick up these seating options because they are vital to a healthy workforce. The height and backrests of these chairs adjust to encourage appropriate posture and comfort.


Most company headquarters have boardrooms where executive level staff members sit and plan big-picture projects for the company. Equip this room with long conference tables and guests chairs. Contemporary models have been updated to work with technology. Many have outlets and shelving to power and hide away equipment.

Client lounges

In the corporate world, how you treat your client says a lot about your business. Be sure to provide a comfortable and brightly lit waiting area. The seating should be plush yet firm and streamlined to fit contemporary styles. Keep a beverage center nearby so your staff can greet clients with refreshments once they arrive. A variety of armchairs, sofas and coffee tables would work well in this space. It's best to set up this room in an area with large windows, showcasing Miami's skyline or ocean views.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outfitting your office space in Miami's global downtown marketplace

Miami's downtown redevelopment project has positioned itself as a destination for international business dealings. Touted as "the new global city" by the Wall Street Journal, the area spans the Central Business District, Brickell and the Arts and Entertainment District. 

The proof that this area is a hub for global business is apparent in its demographics. Downtown Miami is home to 60 international banks, 26 foreign trade offices and 29 consulates, according to Miami Development Authority. The main industry in this area is finance and banking dealing with Latin American entities. Additionally, many overseas companies have set up U.S. branches in Miami rather than New York City.

The office space housing all this business encompasses 18 million square feet of Class A and B areas. A total of 900,000 square feet in the development is new. If your company is moving operations to this vibrant city, outfit the space with appropriate furniture.

Streamlined workstations

To match the bright mood of an office located in Miami, purchase light-colored furniture. Oak office workstations look great with a pop of color, which some of these desks feature. If you opt for a more traditional look, cherry wood elicits a refined and polished vibe.

Ergonomic chairs

The importance of ergonomic chairs can't be stressed enough. With a large portion of employees completing the bulk of their work from behind a desk, it's important to provide comfortable seats for them. Ergonomic chairs have adjustable heights, head rests or back rests. This allows each seat to conform to the user and help limit back strains and other workplace injuries. 

Lounge area

Global business is all about networking and collaborating. Set up a lounge to meet business partners. This is a less formal setting than a traditional conference room. Choose contemporary furniture if you want to convey a modern aesthetic. Or you can opt for traditional, yet classic, seating and chairs. You can meet each client here with light refreshments to get preliminary conversations underway.

Conference room

Depending on your business operations, you may need more than one type of meeting room. Sort them by size. Create a large board room-type setup where everyone can get together for quarterly meetings and presentations. Buy a long table seating 12 people or more in this area. The medium-sized meeting room can serve as a place for managers to meet monthly with their teams. A 6- to 8-person conference table is suitable for this type of use.

Want to create a comfortable, collaborative work environment? Visit the Office Furniture Warehouse website to complete your office landscape.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The industrial boom continues in Miami's Medley submarket

The submarket of Medley is tucked into the northern part Miami-Dade County. During the 1960s it was primarily an industrial town with more than 300 businesses. Today, it's a growing community with 1,700 companies housed in the 8 square miles of this district.

According to an industrial highlights report compiled by Jones Lang LaSalle, Medley has leasing deals taking place with a variety of companies, including the transportation logistics firm Traffic Tech, which has secured a 37,000-square-foot space in the area. Additionally, supply chain company OHL signed a lease for an 186,000-square-foot space in the Pan American North Business Park.

There is also new construction in the area. Liberty Property Trust, which is a $7.3 billion real estate investment firm dealing with office and industrial space, is building an 150,000-square-foot structure at Miami International Tradeport. Flagler has two construction projects underway and IIT has plans to break ground on a building in the Pan American North Business Park.

The Medley submarket is still a hub for industrial firms and for companies that maintain logistics so everything runs smoothly. To increase your chance of having a successful business you'll need an effective office space.

Office workstations

In order to support an industrial business, administrative work needs to run efficiently. These businesses deal with a massive amount of output with many different movable parts. Purchase streamlined workstations customized to fit your needs. If you require many office-type units, opt for cubicles. Some of the contemporary models have been upgraded to feature transparent walls to make the room feel less cramped. Additionally, the desks have built-in storage that allows people to access their files easily.

Ergonomic chairs

Anyone who works a full-time shift at a seated desk should have an ergonomic chair. It supports your back because it adjusts to conform to your posture and leg length. Additionally, it can help limit sick days because fewer people will develop workplace injuries.

Conference rooms

Choose the right conference table to meet your business needs. Sometimes the administrative workforce is small compared to the industrial side. If that is the case, all you need is a 4- to 6-person conference table. However, if you have a large workforce, you will need a longer desk. There also are a variety of guest and task chairs that match the look of different conference tables.