Thursday, January 3, 2013

2 ways to make meetings more efficient

While meetings are often essential to keep the lines of communication open between employees and supervisors, unstructured gatherings that are not goal-oriented can lead to a waste of productive work hours. To make the most out of communal discussion time, here are two tips for conducting efficient meetings.

1. Come prepared

To start meetings efficiently, managers should plan an organized agenda that places the most important topics first in the conversation schedule. It's a good idea to share the agenda and designate a specific amount of time to discuss each order of business.

In addition to planning meeting content, employees and managers should come prepared with the tools necessary for an effective dialogue, such as images and presentation equipment. It's a good idea to double-check the room has enough task chairs several minutes before the meeting.

2. Limit distractions

To limit distractions, managers may ensure employees are comfortable throughout a meeting by providing ergonomic chairs. In addition, meeting planners should consider whether their conference table gives everyone a good view of each other and of presentation materials.

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