Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 simple ways to spruce up an office

Everyone who works in an office setting is affected by their workplace environment. Employees feel more comfortable when the business atmosphere is aesthetically pleasing. Companies don't have to wait until they move to a new office or remodel their existing space to beautify and improve their office environment. Here are three ways to improve a workplace without investing large amounts of time or money.

Keep filing cabinets in order

Cleaning up and maintaining organization can significantly improve the quality of work performed in an office. Managers can designate one day for heavy cleaning and remind employees to always put documents away after using them.

Offices that don't have enough storage space for charts, receipts and other documents should consider shopping at a used business furniture supplier to find high-quality filing cabinets at a low price.

Lighten up the mood

It's a good idea to have multiple sources of light in an office, including natural, overhead and at workstations. In addition to giving the office a more vibrant feel, brightening up the space can increase workers' energy and focus.

Invest in ergonomic chairs

Ugly furniture just simply isn't appealing, especially when it causes workers pain. If businesses aren't ready to replace all their items, managers may consider only purchasing new chairs that are both stylish and good for employees' health.

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