Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 tips on choosing and arranging business furniture

An important part of furnishing a new office is creating a landscape design that will provide employees with an environment that promotes productivity and collaboration. Companies need to understand their space before purchasing business furniture. Here are three considerations to keep in mind when planning an office layout.

Measurements are key

While measuring space seems obvious, many businesses risk miscalculating how much space they have if they rely on estimations rather than exact measurements. When shopping for office workstation furniture, it's a good idea to bring along building information supplied by the landlord and dimensions for each room.

Gather insight from employees

Understanding how work happens in the office is extremely important. Employees who collaborate often may need an open workspace, while workers who concentrate on tasks individually may require a cubicle to avoid distractions. Keeping workforce needs in mind helps buyers better understand how the office needs to function. In addition, it helps managers better understand which employees should work near each other and which need a more quiet area.

Work with an able furniture supplier

Choosing items from a supplier that also creates layout designs and delivers furniture can save businesses time and money.

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