Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Armrests matter more than some may think

When office managers are in charge of furnishing a new space, ergonomic chairs are usually the first items they consider. While choosing office seating may seem trivial, a bad decision could greatly affect worker wellness and productivity.

Armrests play an important role in comfort, because they allow users to comfortably rest their arms and shoulders. By providing this support, workers are less likely to strain their neck and back muscles. When employers can help avoid workplace ergonomic pain and injury, employees can focus longer on their responsibilities and deliver higher-quality work.

While these chair accessories are great for ergonomic health, It's important to consider how they may actually cause workers to sit incorrectly and hurt themselves. When armrests and desks are at the same level, users sit too far away from their monitor and keyboard, which causes them to lean forward and hunch. This can result in severe back pain and muscle strain.

It's therefore ideal to choose a chair with shorter armrests that don't interfere with a worker's distance from his or her desk. It's a good idea to place armrests at elbow level. Placing them too low or high causes workers to take on unnatural and unhealthy postures.

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