Thursday, January 31, 2013

Despite mobility trends, people need an office

Even though many employees benefit from being able to work from home, more than half of Americans believe the concept of the traditional office will last at least another 50 years, according to Ricoh, a business information software provider.

People who prefer working in an office instead of their home value the discipline, connectedness and information security a brick-and-mortar workplace provides.

Ricoh surveyed more than 2,500 American adults on their predictions for business environments. Many expressed a fear of irrelevance that can be associated with virtual work.

"While mobility is a signature of the new workforce, workers know they need to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues and superiors to demonstrate their ongoing value, especially in the current economic climate," said Ricoh's Terri Campbell.  "Although the world is making significant advances in videoconferencing and information management, there's no perfect substitute yet for meaningful face time."

To ensure employees have the tools they need to succeed in the office, managers should consider whether their business furniture meets employees' needs. The quality of the office landscape greatly impacts the value of work performed by its occupants.

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