Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Is multitasking hindering productivity?

Multitasking is a regular requirement of many office jobs. Employees work on spreadsheets while on the phone with someone and simultaneously texting someone else. If technology is not the root of this phenomenon, then it's definitely fueled its growth at least. Cellphones have become so ingrained in everyday habits, they occupy a regular place in pockets and purses, on kitchen counters, night stands and desks in the office.

Many companies value workers' ability to take on two tasks at once; however, managers often don't understand what the act of multitasking is. When presented with multiple action items, the brain shifts, or "toggles," between them until it determines one goal outweighs the others, Herman Miller explains. Both activities are performed, but often at a slower pace, because the attention devoted to them is interrupted.

It's important to consider whether the work environment gives employees the tools to focus on one task at a time. Office cubicles are a great way to provide workers with the space and privacy they need to focus.

Businesses may consider consulting a second hand business furniture supplier to design an office landscape that keeps distractions at bay without sacrificing collaboration.

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