Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making the most of limited office space

As businesses continue to emerge and grow throughout the country, many startups and small companies are occupying small office spaces. Making the most of available workspace is essentialto maintaining focus and productivity. Here are threetips on achieving comfort and efficiency in a compact environment.

1. Eliminate clutter

The easiest way to make more space is to conduct a little spring cleaning and toss papers and items thattake up space in the office. Whether it's dated magazines in the reception area or broken computers in the closet, it's a good idea to keep an office clear of clutter. While filing cabinets are large, they can house hundreds of paper documents, receipts and magazines, which keeps these items from accumulating at personal workstations.

2. Keep the middle of the room clear

Even if space is limited, businesses should consider the benefits of open areas. Workers need walkways and room to collaborate and move around easily without distracting each other. Consider placing business furniture along walls and windows.

3. Invest in high-quality items

While cheap furniture may be like a tempting purchase, it's less likely to last. When items break, they take room to repair and can be very distracting in a small spaces. Consider purchasing used business furniture for high-quality items at an affordable cost.

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