Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Office tech trends

With 2013 off to a healthy start, U.S. businesses are expected to continue their path of transformation as technological innovations constantly affect and alter how workplaces function.

Shortly before the new year, market research provider SMB Group released its Top 10 SMB Technology Predictions for 2013. Taking current and predicted trends into consideration, business leaders should think about how technology affects the work people perform every day and whether the office provides them with the right environment to do so.

Small and medium-sized businesses prepare to optimize for mobile computing

According to SMB Group, many companies are investing more in technology than ever before. They're spending more on mobile advances in particular. It's important to consider how the office landscape enables or inhibits mobile communication, connectivity and advances in technology in general.

SMBinterest and involvement in big company supplier networks dials up

Companies are extremely focused on attracting new clients, growing revenue and increasing profitability. They're likely to pursue new business fervently and develop strong relationships with clients. As they do so, they should consider how their office environment affects customer interactions. Havingaestheticallypleasing business furniture and an effective spacial layout can leave a lasting and positive impression on visitors.

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