Monday, January 7, 2013

Promoting cleanliness in the office: Part 2

No matter how much effort a company puts into its office design and technology, dirt and dust build up are major turnoffs for visiting clients and potential new hires. Here are three ways managers can encourage employees to develop clean work habits.

1. Don't forget communal spaces

Employees are more willing to clean up their personal workstations because they spend the bulk of their day at their desk. However, meeting rooms and break areas may get messy quickly because nobody feels directly responsible for the cleanliness of these spaces. It's therefore a good idea to enforce clean-up-after-use rules to keep conference tables, kitchenettes, restrooms and other communal spaces sanitary.

2. Schedule spring cleaning

Once or twice a year, it's a good idea to devote one afternoon to cleaning the office. Employees should toss old business cards, outdated references, broken electronics and other items that unnecessarily take up space.

Once workers get rid of junk, businesses should designate locations for shared items and encourage employees to do the same for their own items at their workstations.

3. Encourage workers to speak up

One of the best ways to keep an office clean is to deal with messes promptly. Businesses should encourage workers to reports unsanitary conditions to cleaning staff or supervisors.

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