Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reduce workplace stress by revamping the office environment

Most workers will feel work-induced stress at some point in their careers. In small amounts, stress can provide employees a positive push to complete projects, do their best and stay focused on tasks. However, anxiety can have detrimental effects on employee wellness and performance. More employees are absent for work because of stress and anxiety than because of physical illnesses or injury, according to the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health.

There are several ways employers can tackle work-induced stress, and altering an office design is a great place to start.

Physical activity can help people cope with stress. Businesses may consider redesigning the office landscape to ensure workers have enough room to walk and move. In addition, while employees may be seated for the bulk of their day, they rarely sit in the same position for long. It's a good idea to invest in ergonomic chairs that allow users to adjust their position frequently. These chairs also help prevent back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, which can cause and result from stress.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing environment can help lower stress levels. When workers feel comfortable in the office and enjoy the atmosphere, they're more likely to perform better. If businesses decide to revamp their space with new furnishings, decision-makers should consider purchasing used office furniture.

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