Thursday, January 31, 2013

Workplaces cater to employees' tech needs

In the digital age, companies are growing more susceptible to workers' technology needs. A recent study by Avanade found consumer technologies, like smartphones and tablets, are playing an increasingly larger role in the workplace.

The business technology software provider surveyed 600 C-level executives and IT decision-makers in 19 countries. More than 60 percent of companies represented reported the majority of employees use personal computing devices in the workplace. More than half stated most employees use smartphones for basic work tasks like checking email and reading online documents, and one-third said the majority of employees use tablets.

The survey also found companies that are most progressive and adaptable to employee tech behavior are the most successful. Organizations that have established policies allowing and regulating workers' use of personal mobile devices see stronger sales, increased profits, greater agility and improved employee satisfaction.

As more businesses cater to employees' needs, they should consider how their office landscape contributes to effective collaboration. People communicate more frequently throughout the day via the web and in person, which means successful companies need workspaces that are conducive to teamwork and creativity. Revamping the business furniture layout is the first step toward creating the perfect environment.

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