Monday, February 11, 2013

2 tips to keep stress out of a home office

While many people enjoy working from home because it affords them the comfort of being close to children, pets and personal life, a home office can quickly become anything but peaceful.

Not having the right tools and being disorganized can lead professionals to significantly skimp on output because messy environments that don't promote physical or mental health take a massive toll of productivity. To keep a home from becoming a stressful place, consider these tips.

Invest in an ergonomic chair

Whether their workstation is in an office building or a suburban home, professionals need to have business furniture that lets them sit comfortably for extended periods of time without compromising their posture. Ergonomic chairs help workers stay focused and can contribute style to a home's decor.

Keep it clean, keep it organized

Clutter is a productivity killer. Whether it's bills, gadgets or non-work related items like toys and food that seem to find their way into home offices, too much stuff on and around a desk is distracting. Once a week, consider clearing out everything that doesn't belong in the office. A great way to keep documents organized and avoid pesky paper buildup is to purchase a filing cabinet.

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