Monday, February 25, 2013

3 tips for keeping desk drawers organized

One of the best ways to keep a desk organized is to make sure the desk drawers are never too full and that everything has a proper place. Desk drawers are easy to fill with clutter because the contents are out of sight, which means it's tempting for workers to store things inside with the full intent of getting back to them ... eventually. To keep desk drawer organized before they begin spilling over with and avoid stressful clutter, it is a good idea to follow some simple steps. 

One way to reduce desk drawer clutter is to keep a filing cabinet near the desk so workers are less tempted to store papers in their desk drawers. If the desk chair has wheels, the worker may not even have to physically get up to file something.  Make sure the office has a good paper shredder, too, and get rid of old documents as soon as possible.  

The second step is to use a desk drawer organizer. Make sure to designate a separate compartment for each type of item, including writing utensils, highlighters, tacks, staples, and rubber bands. 

Finally, avoid overfilling a desk drawer organizer by placing a pencil and pen holder on your desktop to keep the most often used writing utensils within easy reach. 

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