Thursday, February 28, 2013

A professional office layout promotes fire safety

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there are 3,500 office fires in the U.S. each year. Features like having a fire alarm and an emergency exit in the office building are required by law, but employers can also take other steps to reduce the risk of harm and prevent the workplace from going up in smoke - literally. 

How an office is laid out is a key factor to workplace fire safety, and business owners and employers should get professional help planning their office layout to make sure it is up to date with the area's fire regulations. In addition to having emergency exits in place, all walkways and aisles need to allow for wheelchair access.  

Once office furniture is installed, make sure employees know where the fire exits are and that there is a clear pathway to them at all times. Never let machines overheat, and do not overload electrical outlets. Use updated electrical distributors and power cords, and regularly check them for signs of damage. 

Keep all doors and windows free of obstructions. If the office ever catches fire, do not break any windows,because this will actually attract flames. 

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