Monday, February 25, 2013

Five filing tips for the office

Not all businesses have a filing clerk or front desk receptionist on staff, and some offices make filing a team effort. Avert clutter and confusion by following these five simple filing steps to keep the office organized. 

1. Use vertical filing cabinets for efficient, high-density document storage and take full advantage of vertical space. 

2. Place filing cabinets near workers' desks so that they can put documents away instantly.

3. To reduce filing cabinet overflow, use broad terms for the headings of all your files. Rather than having a specific folder for every possible situation and date, consolidate papers with fewer files by using labels like "Budget Reports 2012." Follow a consistent method for naming. 

4. Organize files around retrieval so the ones used most often are the quickest to retrieve, which saves time.

5. Give all documents an expiration date to manage file volume. Set time aside regularly to weed out old documents and throw away outdated files. Of course, exercise due caution with more sensitive documents, such as medical information or financial and legal  papers.

Following these tips and having an ample supply of good filing cabinets should make the office a more peaceful and organized place to work. 

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