Thursday, February 21, 2013

Give your office a paper makeover

Creating a clutter-free office space is the most important step to ensuring a business is making the most of its office space and creates a calm, efficient working environment. If a company has desks piled with paper clutter, it is probably time for a paper makeover.

To begin clearing the office, grab a trash bag or recycling bin and purge the workspaces of miscellaneous clutter, including pens, markers and highlighters that are out of ink, old magazines, outdated paperwork and any office supplies that no longer work.  

The next step is to come up with a plan to keep desktop space organized to avoid paper clutter from piling up again. Set aside some time to develop a good filing system. File documents as soon as workers are finished looking at them and buy a labeled binder for storing information.

After you're done filing, you might want invest in a good paper tray to keep the paperwork needed on hand organized in one place on the desk. Businesses may want to invest in a few trays for each desk and create an in-and-out system in which papers, bills and letters ready for mailing stay in one, while those that still need work can go in the other.

To keep most current folders, magazines and journals handy in an organized and elegant fashion, invest in a vertical tray(s) to keep on desks or tabletops.

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