Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to energize an office space

Many businesses often wonder if there is some way to make their offices more uplifting, beautiful and energizing. If the clutter has been cleared and the office is organized, it may be time to add a jolt of visual vivacity to the space.

After making sure the workspace is clean and clear of clutter and dust, invest in some beautiful artwork and display it where workers and clients can see it. Try adding one piece of brightly colored furniture to inject a splash of color, or bring the outdoors inside with some fresh flowers, some healthy plants or a bowl of fresh fruit. To block an eyesore or create a calmer space, place a soft screen or elegant plywood folding screen around desks and seating areas.

For some extra inspiration, add some motivational quotes or images associated with targeted goals to a mini tack board near desks. Businesses can even create an image board to get ideas flowing and improve productivity.

Finally, remember to infuse offices with proper lighting, which minimize eye strain and makes the workplace a more attractive place in which to spend time getting things done.

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