Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keep the office healthy during flu season

The office can be an easy place to spread germs, especially during cold and flu season. No one wants to come to work and get sick, and staying in good health is an important part of maintaining productivity and overall happiness. Here are five pointers for keeping the office a healthy place: 

1. Wipe down surfaces and frequently used office supplies, such as telephones, with disinfectant wipes on a regular basis. To clean the computer keyboards, shut the computer down, unplug the keyboard and hold it upside down to free crumbs from between the keys. Dip Q-tips into cleaning fluid and swab the spaces between the keys. Dab a lint-free cloth with the cleaning fluid and wipe down the entire keyboard. Finally, go over the keyboard again with a dry, lint-free cloth.

2. Leave a box of tissues and a bottle of hand sanitizer at the front desk or other convenient location.

3. Install a water cooler and encourage employees to keep water and healthy snacks on-hand.

4. Incorporate leafy plants into the office space. Not only do plants with robust foliage improve the office's air quality, but studies show they also make people feel happier.   

5. Use ergonomic furniture at the office. 

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