Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Office design tips from an online retailer

When businesses expand their workplace or move to a new office, taking the time to design space effectively can lead to higher rates of productivity and better employee relationships. Zappos, an online retailer, is moving its headquarters in the fall and is trading in its cubicles for a more open environment, according to Co.Design. Here are some of the other changes it will incorporate:

1. Make space tech-adaptable

Zappos is investing in power and ethernet cords that dangle from the ceiling so office managers can move furniture around freely. Businesses should always keep their company's tech and work condition needs in mind when selecting business furniture.

2. Opt for more common room

Communal tables, couches and workstations can help businesses make the most out of tight space. In addition, they promote collaboration because they make communicating face-to-face very easy.

3. Have only one main entrance and exit

Businesses that want to improve workplace relationships should consider having a single set of doors so the chances of colleagues running into each other are high. When businesses have more than one entrance and exit, coworkers could be seeing each other as often as people working in separate cities do, Co.Design states.

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